Maximize conversions by tracking availability

Assortment and Availability

Maximize conversions by tracking availability

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Track your products’ stock status to enhance accessibility and digital shelf velocity. Having a near real-time view on stock availability is crucial to driving sales. Your customers can buy your product only when it is available. Get access to insights that indicate sales trends to gain a strategic edge.

Maximize your sales by reducing the latency periods between stock replenishment with our trusted availability solution.

stock availability

Plan your supply chain more efficiently

An efficient and smooth supply chain is crucial in order to stay competitive.

With granular insights into the store-level assortment and stock availability, you’re better equipped to understand trends.

Stay a step ahead by identifying roadblocks and taking pre-emptive actions to avoid out-of-stocks.


Drive higher sales

Get instantly notified on depleted, fast-moving and surplus stocks at a store level, with our convenient dashboard.

Identify products which are frequently going out of stock to develop a robust supply-chain process to prevent this from happening.

With this detailed oversight, you’re better suited to make informed decisions that will, in turn, translate to higher sales.

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