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Data is the new oil, and we're the ones with greasy hands, drilling for and refining raw data from the Web to produce meaningful and actionable insights for businesses to consume.

If you share our passion for data, we'd love for you to join us!


Cutting-Edge Technology

We solve some of the most unique and challenging data problems in the world. Latch on to this opportunity to develop your skills in a hypergrowth and competitive environment.


Be a Mad Scientist

Thrive in an environment that promotes experimentation. We trust our teams to get the job done, while exploring innovative approaches and solutions along the way.


It's Not All Work

Quirky games and activities each month, annual company retreats to exotic locations, and conversations over freshly brewed coffee every day - need we say more?


Something is always happening at DataWeave! Lots of energy and hustle!

- Rohita, Customer Success Manager

It's been fantastic to work with the smartest folks here at Dataweave and solve some of the hard Data problems. The scale at which we operate is very massive and it's growing in multi folds with time. There is a great atmosphere here and it's not like the corporate world but more like a family. Have had a valuable experience working at Dataweave.

- Sandeep, Associate Architect

If you're someone who likes to experiment and develop diverse skill-sets, DataWeave is the place for you. In the last five years, I've contributed, at various capacities, to four different teams within the company.

- Sukruth, Sales Director

I started out as an intern at DataWeave during my last semester at college and upon graduation, I found myself in my first full-time job with this amazing company. DataWeave provided me the platform to work with challenging problems every day and grow both professionally and personally.

- Abhshek, Senior Data Scientist

Current Openings

Customer Success

Customer Success

A career with DataWeave gives you all the opportunities and benefits that can only come from working for a trusted industry leader. By joining our team, you'll be able to solve real-life problems, make a difference, have a global impact, and join a supportive group of globally diverse teammates. We encourage you to be yourself, grow with us, and unleash your potential.

Sales    Open Positions 2


Understand the DataWeave solution offerings deeply and map them to the right market segments & customer profiles in the region. Develop a plan & execute to build a robust sales pipeline thru lead generation activities like drip campaigns, direct contacts, events, etc. Execute every month for meeting & exceeding revenue targets and design wins. Set up processes for accurate forecasting, assessing competition, consistent sales tools usage, etc. Work with other teams especially Customer Success, delivery, and product group to meet & exceed customer expectations. Be the conduit for market & competitive feedback & suggestions for product improvements. Represent the company in industry events, trade shows, and other such platforms as and when needed

Data Science

Data Science

We the Data Science team at DataWeave (called Semantics internally) build the core machine learning backend and structured domain knowledge needed to deliver insights through our data products. Our underpinnings are: innovation, business awareness, long term thinking, and pushing the envelope. We are a fast paced labs within the org applying the latest research in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning to hard problems in different domains.



The marketing team at DataWeave wakes up to take unique challenges head on in an industry ecosystem that’s only now beginning to consolidate and mature globally. This affords marketeers the opportunity to mould the story of a rapidly growing company like DataWeave in an up-and-coming space.

We serve markets around the world, including United States, Europe, India, the Middle East, and South East Asia. We target a variety of industry verticals, including retail, e-commerce, consumer brand manufacturing, and investment firms. As a result, marketing at DataWeave is a rich learning experience and a crash course in engaging multiple audiences across the breadth and depth of organization levels using relevant content across diverse communication channels.

Join the team today!

Data Engineering    Open Positions 6

Data Engineering

We the Delivery / Data engineering team at DataWeave, deliver the Intelligence with actionable data to the customer. One part of the work is to write effective crawler bots to collect data over the web, which calls for reverse engineering and writing scalable python code. Other part of the job is to crunch data with our big data stack / pipeline. Underpinnings are: Tooling, domain awareness, fast paced delivery, and pushing the envelope

Products    Open Positions 2


Our underpinnings are: scale, impact, engagement, and visibility. We bring more power to our customers' fingertips through unmatched access to key and relevant competitive insights that drive strategic decision-making. Our customers have increased their top line by up to 40% and their bottom line by up to 3X by using our competitive intelligence platform.

While conventional competitive intelligence systems are still mostly limited to providing descriptive insights, DataWeave’s product suite delivers prescriptive insights, enabling instant actions and solutions to clearly defined and actionable business problems at scale.

Jump aboard the innovation wagon today! Embrace the cutting edge in data science and engineering to devise novel solutions to unique problems in the world of retail.

To apply for any other roles of your interest, please write in to us at, along with your resume.

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