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We are an AI-powered SaaS platform that enables eCommerce businesses and consumer brands to compete profitably

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DataWeave Report

A Sneak Peek into the US CPG Vertical

Latest DataWeave study unearths unique insights on the pricing and product strategies of retailers and CPG brands in the US

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Retail Intelligence

Competitive Insights
to Grow Profitably
in Retail

Fuel your retail strategies with timely competitive intelligence on pricing, product assortment, and promotions

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Brand Analytics

eCommerce Insights
to Power your
Brand Online

Use eCommerce insights to better govern your brand equity, analyze your share of voice, and optimize your shelf velocity

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DataWeaves digital commerce analytics platform providing sales optimization solutions to global omni-channel retailers, consumer brands and marketplaces in a rapidly evolving digital commerce landscape.

Retail Intelligence

Retailers can make smarter pricing, promotions, and merchandising decisions with up-to-date competitive insights to drive profitable growth.

  • Pricing Intelligence: Track and optimize your competitive price position

  • Assortment Intelligence: Identify and act on the strengths and weaknesses of your assortment

  • Promotional Insights: Keep up with and react optimally to your competitors’ promotions

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Brand Analytics

Consumer brands can derive optimal value from the eCommerce channel by protecting their brand equity and optimizing the experience delivered to their customers.

  • Brand Governance: Manage how your brand is represented and viewed online

  • Share of Voice Analysis: Leverage insights on consumer opinion, advertising, and discoverability on eCommerce websites

  • Shelf Velocity Optimization: Track and optimize the popularity of your brand’s products on eCommerce websites

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Retail Alternative Data

Unique retail performance indicators captured and analyzed from diverse retail data sources on the Web aid in evaluation of markets and portfolio companies.

  • Historical retail pricing and assortment insights across geographies

  • AI-powered consumer perception insights on eCommerce enabled brands

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Know everything that happens, when it happens

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Why Customers Choose Us


Accuracy you can count on

We deliver unmatched data and product matching accuracy powered by human-aided machine intelligence.

Due to our unique human-in-the-loop system, which feeds into our self-learning technology platform, we only get faster and more accurate with time.


Massive scale at great velocity

Our proprietary data aggregator digs several layers deep into public web applications and captures several billions of data points from complex and diverse data sources.

We address hyper-local use cases as well, with unique capabilities of accessing data from mobile applications, as well as for specific ZIP codes on eCommerce websites.


Actionable insights

We transform data into insights that go far beyond just numbers and charts. At the click of a button, you gain in-depth actionable recommendations that result in tangible business benefits.

To make life simpler for you, our world-class customer success team of domain experts is always happy to help you with customized analyses and insights.


Any language you like

Our language-agnostic technology platform processes data across a slew of international languages.
We currently operate in 25+ languages globally, including German, French, Swahili, Mandarin, Korean, and several more.


DataWeave has a great team and product, so I’m happy to put my weight behind it. Now we’re figuring out how we can invest more for next year in the US and beyond!

- Travis Rudolph, Senior Director of Sales

DataWeave has provided our team with important data to support our eCommerce business. We find great value in the out of stock, price leadership, and category analytics. We also appreciate that our Customer Success Manager is very responsive

- Lynne Roth, Application Optimization Manager

We worked on the insights served by the DataWeave team and found it very helpful in comparing the market operating prices. The price changes resulted in a 2X jump in sales.

- Rupesh Pandit, Head of Category

What I liked best about working with DataWeave is their quest to understand the customer’s need rather than pushing any of their products (which are great, by the way). The team is absolutely professional and the output of work is very commendable. It has helped our business take key timely decisions.

- Keith Rebelo, Senior Manager

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