U.S. Fuel Price Tracker

Interactive Dashboard

U.S. Fuel Price Tracker

View weekly fuel pricing trends with our interactive dashboard, providing fuel retailers, gas stations, and convenience stores with easy access to timely insights.

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Average price across US states

Our fuel pricing dashboard is designed for pricing leaders, analysts, and heads of pricing at major fuel retailers, gas stations, and convenience stores. The dashboard provides a unique and granular view into fuel pricing trends across the US, tailored to the unique needs of the fuel retail industry. It can help users understand national trends, regional variations, and specific competitive landscapes, providing a sneak peek into how similar insights at a large scale can ensure your pricing strategy is robust and responsive.

This map chart presents the average fuel price across various states over the last 7 days (updated weekly). This interactive tool invites users to delve deeper into the data by hovering over each state, revealing detailed information including the average price of fuel, the diversity of fuel types available, the total number of retail outlets monitored within the state, and the extensive range of sources consulted to compile this data.

Current price by location

On this map, each bubble represents a unique location. By hovering over any of these bubbles, users can view a detailed breakdown, including a list of stores at that location along with their corresponding fuel prices categorized by fuel type. Further, clicking on a bubble provides an in-depth analysis of the fuel price trends observed over the last week, offering a granular view into the pricing dynamics specific to that area.

Beneath this map, the table is organized to provide specific details on recent fuel price adjustments, covering both recent price increases and decreases. It breaks down information by store and source, enabling users to drill down into the data for a precise understanding of the market forces at play. analysis.

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How we collect the data

This data was meticulously gathered through the use of our advanced proprietary data aggregation and analysis platform, which systematically scrapes pricing information from first-party websites and mobile apps. By collecting relevant fuel pricing information at consistent intervals, we then consolidate and analyze this data to derive meaningful insights.

Setting us apart from other providers who may depend on transactions data—often marked by its unreliability and incompleteness—our methodology involves direct sourcing from first-party entities. This approach guarantees our data's timeliness, accuracy, and coverage. Our platform encompasses an extensive range of gas stations, including both prominent chains and independent outlets, spanning over 30,000 ZIP codes, ensuring comprehensive coverage and depth in our analysis.

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We encourage you to connect with us for a more detailed exploration of the data or for personalized analytical support. Our team is well-prepared to assist you in maximizing these insights to your advantage, aiding you in leading and innovating pricing within the fuel retail sector. Reach out to us to ensure your pricing strategies are backed by the most current and comprehensive data available.

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