Minimize Counterfeit Products Across Retailers


Minimize Counterfeit Products Across Retailers

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As online retailers and marketplaces aggressively add thousands of merchants to their platforms, unauthorized white-labeling, fake product listings and image theft have emerged as e-commerce risks.

Identify and act on fake products and replicas to protect your brand and your customers by using our proven solutions.

counterfeit detection

Safeguard customer loyalty and brand equity

Studies show that one in four customers unknowingly purchases fake products online.

Identify fraudulent products across marketplaces so you can reach out to the unauthorized sellers eroding your brand equity by using our trusted counterfeit detection solution.

Get fake products delisted to prevent customer churn and unflattering reviews that harm your brand.

counterfeit products

Maximize your revenue

Counterfeit goods represent a $300 billion market each year. Fake merchandise can hurt your bottom line and tarnish your brand image.

Identify and report counterfeit listings to prevent counterfeits from harming your brand.

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