Improve your digital shelf performance

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Improve your digital shelf performance

Access key data insights you need to grow online sales across marketplaces

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Next Gen Digital Shelf Analytics


Next Gen Digital Shelf Analytics

New tailored dashboard views track KPI achievement and trigger actionable alerts to optimize your share of search 24/7

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Overtaking Page One Organically

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Overtaking Page One Organically

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Our Digital Shelf Analytics solution helps you measure and optimize product performance across online channels.

Track KPIs like share of search, content audit, availability, promotions and reviews to amplify your online growth.

share of search

Share of Search

Online brand visibility lets you understand the dominance of your product conversions.
By measuring your share of digital shelf, you gain more insights on how to engage with your customers and drive more sales.
Determine your competitors' visibility under search and navigation, to benchmark your performance against theirs.

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content audit and benchmarking

Content Audit

In a highly dynamic and competitive retail landscape, ensuring your content is up-to-date is extremely crucial.
Benchmark your product titles, descriptions and images against the best selling products to identify the gaps.
With well-targeted content, your conversion rate and quality significantly increase.

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assortment and availability

Assortment and Availability

Ensuring the availability of your product is a crucial factor in maintaining your online sales.
Monitor your availability at a store level, to better understand customer demands for efficient procurement and supply chain planning.
We help present this information to you in a hassle-free, intuitive and actionable format.

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Pricing and Promotions

Pricing plays a significant role in influencing a customer's purchase decision.

As price comparison gets more transparent in the online world, benchmarking your pricing strategy with that of your competitor becomes vital.

Access pricing and promotion information at a SKU level to understand your competitors' pricing trends and to stay competitive.

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ratings and reviews

Ratings and Reviews

Customer reviews can make or break your product.
The scale and diversity of customer ratings and reviews lets you analyze and understand the sentiment towards your product.
Understanding customer opinions guide you in your market research and customer service approach.

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DataWeave has a great team and product, so I’m happy to put my weight behind it. Now we’re figuring out how we can invest more for next year in the US and beyond!

- Travis Rudolph, Senior Director of Sales, Netgear

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