Measure and improve the effectiveness of online promotions

Pricing and Promotions

Measure and improve the effectiveness of online promotions

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Digital channels provide transparent insights into the pricing and promotions of your customers. Customers now find it easy to compare pricing across products and retailers. That’s why it’s crucial for you to remain competitive by benchmarking your promotional strategies with those of your rivals.

Track pricing for products across different pack sizes and variant options, and at store level with our proven solution. Optimize your conversions across online retailers today.

pricing and promotions

Monitor compliance and competitor promotions

Track and ensure retailers are complying with your promotions. Gather competitive insights to identify the first movers and highest discount providers.

Understand the different promotional strategies your competitors are offering by monitoring discounts at across retailers and at a SKU level.

Benchmark your promotions with those of your competitors to adapt fast.

digital shelf promotions

Increase the effectiveness of price promotions

Discover your rivals’ pricing and promotion strategies – and how imitating them could affect your revenue. See whether your sales would benefit from using a similar approach to your competitors with our sales volume estimate models.

Monitor the discounts your competitors are offering against similar products across different retailers.

Tweak your promotions at a SKU and retailer level to build the desired price perceptions across different channels.

Access your competitors' promotional history to gauge whether to offer sequential discounts or a big one-time discount to optimize your sales.

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