Sentiment Analysis

Decode customer reviews to enhance product features

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Tap into the pulse of your customer with an extensive and accurate sentiment analysis of your product, across multiple websites.

With the wealth of data you’ll be privvy to, your product development and marketing campaigns will be all the more effective.

brand perception

Hone your product and features

Go beyond assumptions about your product and focus your efforts on making products your customers truly want.

We offer unique and in-depth insights that are sourced from customer reviews, ratings and preferences from across the web by our constantly evolving algorithm.

sentiment analysis

Data-rich marketing campaigns

It’s time to take your marketing campaigns to the next level by eliminating the guesswork from decision making.

Create bespoke campaigns that cater to the specific needs of your customer, with the thorough insights we provide. Address the gaps, grievances and feedback and gain higher returns on every marketing dollar.

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