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Digital Shelf Analytics

Our Digital Shelf Analytics solution helps you measure and optimize product performance across online channels.

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Brand Protection

Manage and enforce compliance on your brand's pricing, merchant network, and overall presentation on e-commerce websites.

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Commerce Intelligence

Drive profitable growth by making smarter pricing, promotions and product merchandising decisions with up-to-date competitive insights.

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Pricing Intelligence

Boost your top line with accurate, actionable pricing insights. Promptly identify gaps and opportunities to keep pace with today’s fast-paced e-commerce environment.

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Share of Search

Track and compare your brand's visibility on eCommerce promotions, across categories and keyword search results.

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Assortment & Availability

Track your products’ stock status to enhance accessibility and digital shelf velocity. Having a near real-time view on stock availability is crucial to driving sales. Your customers can buy your product only when it is available. Get access to insights that indicate sales trends to gain a strategic edge.

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