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Online Visibility Is Reforming the Alcohol Industry

Learn how winning retailers and brands are shifting their eCommerce strategies to grow in an increasingly competitive environment

Key Highlights

Alcohol retailers that successfully pivoted to omnichannel expansion in the face of a pandemic, supply chain challenges, and rising material costs, were able to introduce consumers to the accessibility and convenience of purchasing alcohol online all while meeting consumer’s evolving tastes at a hyperlocal level. To better understand the transformed, competitive landscape, we tracked 12 top alcohol retailers and delivery intermediaries and the 1,500+ brands and 20,000+ SKUs they carry, to analyze price variations, product availability, hyperlocality, category compositions, and Share of Search insights to assess strategic changes that improved digital visibility and ultimately helped winning retailers and brands to gain market share.

Alcohol Report highlights:

  • Share of Category for Tequila brands was ruled by Jose Cuervo at 21% as of May 2022
  • Share of Keyword Search insights revealed growth opportunities for Whiskey brands
  • Ready-To-Drink cocktail availability grew 180% from December 2021 to May 2022
  • 27.5% of alcohol SKUs tracked were seen with a price increase as of May 2022
  • Insights revealed how impactful micro-warehouses have been to hyperlocal growth

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