Industry Report 2023

US Apparel eCommerce: Pricing and Stock Availability Trends on the Backdrop of Inflation

Apparel retailers and brands are adapting to new consumer preferences and doubling down on eCommerce in the new normal. However, concerns about overabundance and falling sales have emerged due to inflation. US consumer spending on clothing is dropping, which causes inventory to build up and widens the supply-demand mismatch. To manage this situation, apparel players need to be agile and versatile in their pricing strategies. In this report, we analyze how leading retailers and brands in apparel have responded to supply chain issues, inflationary pressures, and changing consumer preferences.

Key Highlights

  • Impact of inflation on pricing: Price changes and discounts among leading retailers and brands in the US
  • Influence of supply chain dynamics: Stock availability of leading retailers and its variations across premium and regular products
  • The complexities and significance of leveraging competitive pricing insights to inform pricing decisions

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