ML & AI Webinar

Scaling eCommerce using ML and AI

Fireside Chat with Pramod of Falabella, Ex-Target

E-Commerce is a six Trillion dollar industry drunk on trillions of data points. You need a good dose of AI and ML to be able to scale, out-compete and win customers.

Join us on this Fireside Chat with Pramod R, Sr. Manager Data and Analytics at Falabella, and Sanket Patil leads the AI Engineering team at DataWeave. These two AI veterans share their honest thoughts on solving some of the toughest eCommerce challenges leveraging the latest advancements in the space.

You will learn:

  • What are the toughest challenges in Ecommerce which AI can help in?
  • Which are the basic initiatives everyone in Ecommerce should take?
  • Why have Recommendations been gathering so much popularity in the last 5-10 years?
  • How do the recommendations work?
  • What does Collaborative Filtering do?
  • What is the current tech frontier in the recommendations space?

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Pramod R

Guest Speaker

Pramod is a Senior Manager, Data and Analytics at Falabella, consultant, blogger, and an avid speaker. He comes with a wide range of AI/ML expertise ranging from Recommendations systems, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement learning, deep neural networks, big data processing technologies, massively parallel computing, web development, etc. using a variety of open source technologies.

He holds a patent on Reinforcement Learning (grant pending), has presented a couple of papers in international conferences, authored a couple of tech blogs, given talks at various meetups, featured in some international journals/blogs, has participated in various hackathons and also provided consultancy to various startups.


Sanket Patil


Sanket leads the AI Engineering team at DataWeave. He is responsible for extracting real dollar value from billions of data points for enterprise retail and global brands. He is PhD from IIIT Bangalore and has worked with Siemens prior to Dataweave.

DataWeave provides comprehensive tracking and optimization of KPIs to QSR chains. DataWeave tracks and delivers insights across availability, ETAs, Delivery Fee, discoverability, pricing, and offers actionable recommendations. DataWeave tool also enables ad spend optimization campaign performance monitoring and helps in the optimal selection of promotions and offers

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