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How CPG Brands Are Using Digital Shelf Analytics To Fuel Growth

Key Highlights

Digital has now become the new norm for customers. With brands accelerating their online digital spend, standing out on the digital shelf is what all CPG’s aim for. To stand out, businesses today see the immense potential of harnessing external and competitive information from the web to aid in enhanced business strategies and decision making.

However, the data points are so vast, unstructured and complex that it becomes impossible for brands to monitor the digital shelf without tech support. Digital shelf analytics (DSA) tools, powered by AI, offer a compelling solution. In our upcoming webinar, thought leaders from DataWeave will join CGT to explore the key levers that leading CGs are tracking at scale to amplify their online growth.

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Nicole Pelletier


Nicole Pelletier has been a veteran in e-commerce analytics at a leading CPG brand. Prior to her 2 years in e-commerce, she worked in Finance and Performance for 11 years.


Karthik Bettadapura


Karthik Bettadapura is the CEO and Co-Founder, DataWeave. Karthik has over 14 years of technology leadership experience and has built and managed large-scale Web and data analytics products and platforms.

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