How Consumer Brands Can Thrive on Delivery Intermediaries with Digital Shelf Analytics

The growth of delivery intermediaries has revolutionized eCommerce and made it easier for consumer brands (especially CPG brands) to tap into a larger consumer base and acquire a diverse set of consumers. However, brands are also confronted with a series of challenges: hyperlocal competition, pricing discrepancies, platform-specific visibility, mobile-first user behavior, and more. In this dynamic landscape, digital shelf analytics emerges as a key solution for brands to gain a competitive advantage on delivery intermediary platforms, providing critical insights into their availability, assortment, content, pricing, and more.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • The unique challenges faced by brands listed on delivery intermediary platforms.
  • How Digital Shelf Analytics helps brands monitor and optimize KPIs like availability, content quality, competitive pricing, and brand visibility.
  • Implementing Digital Shelf Analytics as a strategic intelligence layer to drive ROI and success on delivery intermediaries.

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