e-Commerce Webinar

Post Pandemic eCommerce landscape in South Africa

The eCommerce landscape has had a paradigm shift during Covid-19 and grew exponentially. This growth brought about new opportunities, growth potential as well as challenges. For one, eCommerce in South Africa has become more competitive than ever – from online retail to grocery and food delivery to even alcohol delivery! All retail businesses seem to have jumped onto the eCommerce bandwagon.

Learn how:

  • Retailers like Checkers, Pick n Pay, EveryShop, Incredible, Makro and many more used data & pricing insights to track Price increase opportunities
  • How they used Price decrease opportunities to build a healthy price perception and stay competitive with their rivals
  • How Private Label products were impacted by Price increase & decrease opportunities
  • Find out which product categories were the most & least sensitive to price changes

... and more

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Krishnan Thyagarajan


Krish is the President and COO of DataWeave. He is a global executive with 25+ years in IT industry. He has significant experience running businesses across geographies, cultures and maturity levels. Krish worked in leadership roles at Dell, Quest Software, and Microsoft, among others before joining DataWeave.

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