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Optimizing Online Beauty Sales In A Changing Business Environment

How Winning Retailers and Brands are Adapting to Shifting Demand Amidst Growth Challenges

eBook Key Highlights

While inflation and increased shipping costs have caused most beauty industry players to raise prices, smart tech investments and a firm eye on the changing needs of consumers have helped top brands and retailers thrive through the pandemic. Availability and affordability were buzzwords for top beauty brands, who maintained superior in-store stock availability. This report highlights reasons behind and numbers backing the success of beauty e-retailers and brands from April 2021 through April 2022, despite supply chain disruptions, shifting consumer demands and return to in-store shopping, and now rising inflation.

Beauty Report highlights:

  • 33.6% of SKU prices increased in April 2022, up tenfold from April 2021
  • Top brands are offering more low and mid-price products
  • Availability has kept pace with demand, despite supply chain challenges
  • The skincare category is growing in significance, signaling an opportunity to prioritize inventory and marketing spend

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