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Petcare eCommerce Report

How brands can leverage digital shelf analytics to grow their sales and market share profitably in 2023

Petcare is among the largest product categories in eCommerce across all of CPG. As the stakes grow, leading petcare brands need to track and optimize their presence across all of their online channels to drive higher visibility (and sales) for their products relative to their competitors. To better understand the industry landscape, we tracked and analyzed up to 100,000+ SKUs across seven e-retailers to share insights on the stock availability, pricing, and share of search of six of the largest petcare brands in the US.

Key findings

  • Nestle has bounced back incredibly in its stock availability from 43% in 2021 to 82% in 2022
  • Each brand’s pricing strategy is unique, with no discernible discounting pattern across all brands
  • Several new, small-scale brands have recently entered the market and gaining more share of search

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