Industry Report

Luxury Apparel Retailers Back in Vogue

This report contains DataWeave’s insights tracked within the online retail luxury space, starting pre-pandemic times, and shows how brands and competitive offerings are creating a new Roaring 20s for eCommerce luxury this 2021 holiday season.

Key Highlights

Luxury is roaring back for the holidays. While the disruption of lockdown made serious digital investments an imperative, luxury retailers have more than caught up by taking advantage of hot demand for certain products and a consumer base willing to pay for them. As we saw during the early Covid lockdown, these types of insights can provide navigation through chaotic times and helps retailers through potential future disruptions. Key trends identified include:

  • The evolving trend of consumption upgrade to luxury apparel goods as a response to scarcity
  • The industry’s response to online pricing and promotional changes by category throughout the pandemic
  • Inventory changes tracked over time given the lockdown, demand fluctuation impacted by lifestyle changes, and supply constraints

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