Retail Webinar

Staying competitive in the new age
e-commerce landscape

Key Highlights

Almost a year into the pandemic, new definitions of normal are emerging. What does this mean for retailers? Will the industry bounce back or does the wheel need reinventing? By attending our upcoming webinar, hosted by industry expert, Robin Lewis, you’re sure to get a clearer picture of:

  • Shift in the retail landscape - acceleration in digital spends
  • How data-driven decision making helps retailers optimize sales in a highly competitive online retail world
  • Learning to stay ahead with the perfect pricing and product mix


Robin Lewis


Robin Lewis is the founder and CEO of The Robin Report. He is an author, speaker, and consultant for the retail and consumer products industries. He co-authored the book: “The New Rules of Retail.” As a VP at Goldman Sachs, he launched a retail consulting practice.


Krishnan Thyagarajan


Krish is the President and COO of DataWeave. He is a global executive with 25+ years in IT industry. He has significant experience running businesses across geographies, cultures and maturity levels. Krish worked in leadership roles at Dell, Quest Software, and Microsoft, among others before joining DataWeave.

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