The Instant Commerce Revolution: Harnessing the Power of Data and Competitive Intelligence to Drive Growth

Instant Commerce has significantly impacted how people receive their food and daily essentials, making deliveries safer and more convenient. This webinar discusses the complexity and challenges of operating in a crowded instant commerce market where retail, logistics, and technology intersect.

Our guests from Gopuff shared their experiences and insights on how they have helped build a successful instant commerce business in a highly competitive market. Also, they discussed the importance of building a culture of evidence-based decision-making, and how data and competitive intelligence can be used to inform and drive business decisions.

This webinar covers

  • The role of data and competitive intelligence in gaining a competitive edge in the instant commerce industry.
  • How the current macroeconomic environment is affecting the industry, and what instant commerce businesses can do to compete profitably.
  • The expected evolution of the industry and how businesses can stay ahead of the curve by meeting the needs and preferences of consumers.

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Ryan Moriarty


Director of Data & Analytics, Gopuff

Ryan is an experienced data and analytics leader with 10+ years in Grocery and Food Delivery. He has worked for the UK's biggest Grocery retailers, including Tesco, Sainsburys and M&S, and was part of the Just Eat International team during their key expansion phase. At Gopuff, he leads a team of Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers building data products and decision systems for their Category Management team.


Yusuf Saban


Director of Revenue, Gopuff

Yusuf is the Director of Revenue at Gopuff UK, responsible for Category Management and Growth. He was the co-founder of Dija, a quick commerce company operating in the UK, France and Spain, which was acquired by Gopuff in 2021. Prior to that, Yusuf served as the Chief of Staff to the CEO at Deliveroo for 4 years.


Karthik Bettadapura


CEO & Co-Founder, DataWeave

Karthik Bettadapura is the CEO and Co-Founder, DataWeave. Karthik has over 14 years of technology leadership experience and has built and managed large-scale Web and data analytics products and platforms.


Sanket Patil


Chief Data Strategy Officer, DataWeave

Sanket leads the AI Engineering team at DataWeave. He is responsible for extracting real dollar value from billions of data points for enterprise retail and global brands. He is PhD from IIIT Bangalore and has worked with Siemens prior to Dataweave.

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