Pricing Intelligence, Assortment Analytics, and Fuel Pricing Intelligence

Commerce Intelligence

Pricing Intelligence, Assortment Analytics, and Fuel Pricing Intelligence

Monitor Real-time Competitor Fuel Prices Effortlessly

Monitor Real-time Competitor Fuel Prices Effortlessly

  • Compare prices across retailers and fuel types
  • Adjust Dynamic Pricing decisions on the ZIP code level
  • Maximize gross margins and accelerate sales revenue growth

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Revenue Growth

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Margin Growth

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Cost Savings

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Price Changes Tracked

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Drive profitable growth by making smarter pricing, promotions and product merchandising decisions with up-to-date competitive insights.

pricing intelligence

Pricing Intelligence

Enhance your top line and bottom line by basing your strategic pricing decisions on accurate data.

Offer online shoppers the most competitive prices by promptly adapting to consumer demand and rivals’ pricing.

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assortment intelligence

Assortment Analytics

Maximize your sales by spotting emerging trends and filling your assortment with in-demand products.

Keep shoppers happy by proactively identifying gaps in your catalog and potential disruptions to avoid out-of-stocks.

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Banked on by retail executives

Grow top-line performance, and productivity amid heightened retail competition and consumer expectations.

Retail executives combine our trusted insights, with internal sales and inventory data to track ROI and optimize revenue and margin.

Indispensable to merchandise managers

Make your product mix irresistible by simplifying your abundance of pricing and product assortment decisions.

Sell more by using our insights to quickly act on opportunities to optimize your pricing and fill your assortment with in-demand items.

Knowledge is power for pricing analysts

Respond faster to rivals’ frequent price fluctuations per day with clear, accurate insights.

We help you with up-to-date information on your competitors’ pricing, enabling you to make smarter pricing decisions and create the desired price perception among shoppers.


DataWeave helped us explore our main pain points for growth and provided data that helps us deliver the best experience for our customers. The team has always been quick and promotes an open communication line that is key to reaching our goal.

- Giovana Stein, Strategy Analyst, Food Delivery Industry

DataWeave's reports enable us to monitor the ever-changing market. We devise our business strategy based on the analysis they share. Their customer support is great- they are responsive and accommodate dynamic requests.

- Toar Sapada, Head Of Economics Operations, On-demand Transport industry

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