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Monitor content compliance and hygiene with your PIM to boost product visibility and fill online content gaps.

Monitor content compliance to boost brand visibility

Content Audit

Monitor content compliance to boost brand visibility

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Your brand's visibility directly affects your sales volume and market share. E-commerce is largely driven by search algorithms. Content and image optimizations can help improve your brand's discoverability.

Identify areas where your content and images don’t align with your product information management (PIM). Deliver an enhanced, consistent brand experience across all online channels to
improve your conversions.

content audit

Offer an enriched customer experience

Our content audit solution helps you monitor hygiene factors (product titles, descriptions, images, etc.) to fill the gaps in your content, across online channels.

We help you audit pre-defined brand guidelines to identify gaps so you can focus on improving your catalog quality.


Plug the gaps and enhance discoverability

Offer your customers a standardized brand experience by auditing your content across various e-commerce platforms.

Optimized content helps you deliver a great customer experience and ensures your product shows up more prominently on in-site searches.


Create custom scorecards

Measure your content’s performance with ease.

Various retailers have differing degrees of importance when it comes to potential
customer visibility.

With our highly customizable platform, you have the ability to assign specific weightage (points) to each retailer. This ensures your dashboard’s scorecard is highly specific and extremely accurate.

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