In the perennial search for alpha, investment firms are always on the lookout for unique insights on markets and businesses from non-traditional sources to give them a competitive edge

At DataWeave, we aggregate and analyze unstructured data from diverse sources on the Web, at a very large scale, to deliver accurate and actionable investment signals and market performance indicators


Historical eCommerce pricing data and insights

Study pricing strategies of eCommerce websites to better evaluate their performance and growth potential.

Analyze pricing information across currencies, languages, global regions, and retail verticals.


eCommerce Assortment Insights

Gauge the strengths and weaknesses in the product assortment of eCommerce websites to better evaluate their competitive position and growth momentum.
Compare the product assortment along several parameters and indicators, such as stock status, replenishment rate, introduction of new products and brands, and more.

share of voice

Share of voice in online promotions

Measure the share of voice of a brand’s promotional campaigns, product listing ads, and keyword search results on eCommerce websites.

Combine with other pricing and assortment insights to use as a surrogate indicator of sale volumes.

brand perception

Analyze a brand's sentiment

Unearth the sentiments of consumers about consumer brands by analyzing the customer reviews of their products across eCommerce websites.

Use these insights to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in their products and marketing strategies.

Essential to asset managers

Looking for the next big competitive advantage in making better investment decisions?

Seize investment opportunities by evaluating portfolio and prospective companies using unique retail performance indicators from the Web.

Adding more value to management consultants

Wish to add more value to your retail and consumer brand customers?

Leverage exclusive insights into retail companies, industries, and competitive environments to deliver greater value to your business clients.

Giving financial analysts what they need

In need of useful data-sets to fuel your financial models that inform business decisions?

Power your financial analysis models with unique retail data-sets to make more accurate and faster financial forecasts, aiding better investment decisions.

Looking for other data-sets and insights from public Web sources?

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