Benchmark digital sales performance and measure market share

Sales Performance and Market Share

Benchmark digital sales performance and measure market share

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In the digital world, point of sales data is difficult to use to accurately track market share growth given the number of fulfillment options.

With Sales Performance and Market Share, estimates are tracked based on retailer standards or customer defined taxonomies, and provide visibility to competitive insights from a category to a SKU level.

Track Targeted SKUs and Category or Sub-level Changes

Estimate you and your competitors’ sales by retailer-based or custom-defined categories or attributes. Know which category best sellers and fast movers are gaining or losing momentum. Differentiate competitor's sales performance by direct marketplace sellers (1P) and distributors (3P).

Easily Determine KPIs Correlating to Growth with Dashboard Views

Identify activities improving sales and know actions to prioritize to optimize sales performance. Easily spot products to promote and attributes to accentuate to improve competitive positioning. Focus on rivals to target, spot emerging brands, and pinpoint corrective action to take to drive sales.

Strategically Plan Digital Spend and Quantify Out-of-Stocks

Measure how your actions impact revenue for you and your competitors. Optimize your pricing and promotional strategies and digital advertising campaign performance. See how modified search efforts, organic and sponsored, correspond to changes, weekly.

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