Improve visibility, Drive orders on Food Apps

QSR Intelligence

Improve visibility, Drive orders on Food Apps

Improve ROI of your marketing spend, improve visibility and beat competition using DataWeave’s QSR intelligence

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Drive orders on food apps by driving your visibility on food apps. Ensure better marketing ROI and optimized ad spend strategy.

Our QSR Intelligence suite helps you optimize all attributes that improve your ranking and optimize marketing ROI.

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Majority of the orders on food platforms go to first page listings. With advanced analytics around keywords optimisation, category analysis, competitive efforts, be sure to be discovered and gain more orders.

Optimize all your organic attributes – Availability, Rating, ETAs, Fees, Pricing for every Zipcode for maximum visibility at Lunch and Dinner slots.Improve ROI of marketing ad spend with recommendations to choose right banners and deals.

Complete competition benchmarking to be ahead in the game.

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Advertisement Optimizer

Still spending millions of dollars on advertisements without adequately return on investment?

Not anymore – Use data to track visibility of all banners, and your chosen banners across different locations at different times of the day.

Identify the banners and deals that your competitors are spending on.


It has been a pleasure to work with the DataWeave team. They have been an incredible help in solving our competitive product mix and pricing analysis by scraping publicly available website data and turning that data into insights via an easy-to-use dashboard platform.

- Michael Flatt, Manager, Consumer Insights at Applebee’s

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