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Ensure your products stand out across marketplaces, effortlessly found by shoppers, securing your brand's online presence.

Help shoppers find your brand with ease

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Help shoppers find your brand with ease

Guarantee your products have online visibility across retailer marketplaces and shoppers find your brand and products with ease.

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As more brands ramp up their online presence to capture market share, standing out becomes essential. Keywords and navigation searches are the top ways consumers discover your products
across e-commerce sites.

Gauge your online visibility across retailers like Amazon. See where you rank with organic and sponsored results compared to your competitors by using our proven solution.

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Get discovered across retailers and geographies

Extend your brand reach by tracking your rank, number of results and the change in your visibility, at a ZIP-code level.

Differentiate between organic and sponsored results across your product range so you know how you attract traffic.

Quantify visibility on retailers like Amazon, by assigning specific weights to various tags like, Amazon Choice, Bestseller, Sponsored, etc.

Drive higher sales by identifying products with high potential. Identify the optimum promotional strategy; sponsored ads, content optimization or discounts.

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Optimize your digital marketing spends

Gain near real-time information on the categories and products promoted by your competitors, as well as the frequency and duration of their campaigns.
Understand how your brand shows up against competitors for top keywords. These insights help you in better utilization of your promotional dollars across categories and websites.
Gather insights to decide on promoting a single product or an entire brand banner on a category results page.


Respond faster with customized alerts

Stay agile by setting alerts for listing pages so you get instantly notified if there’s a drop in your ranking.

Discover what changed with a deep dive on exactly what caused the drop, such as sponsored posts from your competitors or changes in strategy.

These data insights can give you a clear direction on corrective measures and next steps.

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