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Decoding the 2022 Black Friday Record Sales: The Who, The What, and The How?

Expert Insights powered by DataWeave’s Digital Shelf Analytics on Black Friday 2022. ...

DataWeave Marketing | 14th Dec, 2022,  


It’s not easy being a Bakery Brand: Insights from Digital Shelf

The “Bakery & Snack” category is a fast-growing food segment. Here’s how companies can leverage DataWeave’s e-commerce ...

Moumita Mondal | 3rd Dec, 2022,  


U.S. Prime Day Deals 2022: Promotion Intelligence First Look

As inflation hits another 40-year high at 9.1 percent, U.S. consumers geared up for their first sign of hope and relief in the form of antic...

Jeevanantham Kailasam | 14th Jul, 2022,  


Feminine Hygiene Products Face Supply Chain Shortage and Price Increases

Last week the DataWeave analytics team identified the states most impacted by the baby formula shortage, only to see feminine hygiene produc...

Amy Fieber | 22nd Jun, 2022,  


Baby Formula Shortage Continues Alongside National Price Increases – June 2022

As the baby formula shortage continues, retailers and brands are working quickly to meet evolving consumer demand, considering supply chain ...

Amy Fieber | 14th Jun, 2022,  


Share of Keyword Search Cinco de Mayo 2022

As inflation continues to hike costs for consumers and supply chains challenge them to maintain loyalty, there is still an active audience w...

Akhil Gopi | 4th May, 2022,  


2021 Cost-Push Inflationary Trends Ran Rampant, Impacting Holiday Discounts

Business has been anything but usual this holiday season, especially in the digital retail world. The holiday hustle and bustle historically...

Nadir Islam | 4th Jan, 2022,  


Online Halloween Shopping Is Here to Stay – Winning Share of Search

Lessons from Kroger, Albertson’s, and Safeway’s Optimized Online Positioning    As consumers continue their migration to ...

Karthik Bettadapura | 19th Oct, 2021,  

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