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How COVID-19 Changed Essential Goods – and How Retailers Can Adapt

The rapid evolution in essential goods is rattling retail. That’s because the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed shopping habits a...

DataWeave Marketing | 17th Nov, 2020,  


JioMart: taking the e-grocery segment by storm

JioMart, the online channel for Reliance Retail Limited, launched in December 2019 as a contender in the e-grocery segment. Currently in Ind...

DataWeave Marketing | 26th Aug, 2020,  


Alibaba’s Singles’ Day: Decoding’s Pricing During Retail’s Biggest Sale Event

An average of $11.7 million per second was the rate at which Alibaba clocked $1 billion in sales during the first 85 seconds of Singles’ D...

DataWeave Marketing | 12th Dec, 2018,  


Smartphones vs Tablets: Does size matter?

Smartphones vs Tablets: Does size matter? We have seen a steady increase in the number of smartphones and tablets since the last five years...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


Assortment Intelligence: So you think you know your offerings?

In retail, product assortment plays a critical role in selling effectively. It impacts the everyday decision making of category managers, br...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


Mining Twitter in Depth to Understand and Analyze Product Trends

Social media can be defined as virtual communities and networks, where social interaction takes place among people and a wide variety of co...

DataWeave Marketing | 5th Dec, 2014,  

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