9 Things to Build a Thriving Fashion eCommerce Brand

9 Things to Build a Thriving Fashion eCommerce Brand

31st Mar, 2022

Ankitha Nagaraj

By Ankitha Nagaraj

According to the Statista Fashion eCommerce report 2021, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for online fashion is predicted to be 10.3% between 2018-2023. The widespread need for trendy fashion presents a challenge for fashion brands to succeed in a highly crowded and competitive space. With eCommerce shopping becoming more prevalent, fashion brands aren’t just competing for brick-and-mortar sales. Instead, they’re also competing for those late-night or impulse purchases from online customers.

Looking to 2022 and beyond, this blog will highlight 9 things to build a thriving fashion eCommerce brand:

1. Allow shopping on multiple channels

Breakdown of Shopping journeys in Apparel
Breakdown of Shopping journeys in Apparel

Typically buyers from diverse age groups prefer different sales channels. Some prefer large retailers, and some choose web stores. If you know where your customers like to purchase your products, you can leverage the power of search engines and marketplaces to improve your sales. Multi-channel retailing helps fashion eCommerce brands to sell and promote products on a platform and device of the audience’s choice. 

A brand should offer support and access to its products across all platforms, channels, and devices. It helps fashion brands to reach customers where they prefer to shop. If your customers prefer to shop on a computer or an app, your brand can offer a seamless customer experience. 

2. Don’t sell on the Homepage

Your online fashion store homepage is more about increasing credibility and trust among potential buyers. Your ideal home page shouldn’t display products or their prices. Instead, it would be best to integrate promotional and marketing strategies on the landing page to encourage visitors to explore your product categories and the rest of the website. You should have an intuitive interface that makes navigating the pages easier. You can also use the homepage to promote seasonal offers and new launches. Fashion brands can also display customer reviews, awards, brand achievements, and web security trust seals to increase the conversion rate.

Don't sell on homepage
Don’t sell on the homepage

3. Product Descriptions with Unique Stories

Product descriptions often get overlooked or underutilized even though they are important for eCommerce businesses. Your products won’t sell with spammy and same product descriptions. The modern product description is all about communicating a product’s worth and value with a story that captivates your buyer’s attention. Identify areas where your content & images don’t align with your product or represent it in the best light. Make sure to deliver an enhanced consistent brand experience across all online channels to improve your conversions.

4. Focus on Review and Ratings

Rating & Review of a fashion brand
Rating & Review of a fashion brand

Customer reviews have a huge influence on a buyer’s purchase decision, especially in the fashion industry. Encourage your consumers to leave reviews on your brand website. Reviews help fashion brands to build trust for their products and convert customers. Legitimate customer reviews help your shoppers to get crucial insights into what previous buyers liked or disliked about a particular product. 

However, you should stay away from paid-for or false reviews usually encouraged by unscrupulous sellers as they are easy to spot and hurt your rankings. You must remember that receiving reviews also includes dealing with negative comments. They should be used to improve your upcoming product offerings. 

5. Sell Looks

Product can be combined with in the detail page
The product can be combined with in the detail page

Successful fashion brands don’t simply sell individual products. Instead, they sell complete looks that inspire shoppers to purchase the entire stylish look. As an online fashion brand, you’re not selling clothes; you’re selling an elegant collection of wearable art. When visitors reach your online store, you should appeal to their fantasies and sentiments through aesthetic look books that are both pleasing and congruent with your brand. Most successful online fashion shops are inspirational and visual. Look books help brands pair their previous season items or dead stock with new stock and increase sales. Brands can also share these look books on social media or in their monthly newsletters to increase reach. 

6. Provide Promotions and Offers

Fashion brands can take advantage of plenty of sales throughout the year, from New Year celebrations to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Brands can leverage these high sales periods to sell looks and gift items to boost sales. Just make sure you’re measuring the effectiveness of your online promotions. Holiday and festive sales also offer an excellent opportunity to plan strategic discounts to get rid of old stock. Since trends in the fashion industry have been changing rapidly, you can use discounts to get rid of dead-stock or out-of-trend items each season. 

7. Be active on social media

Social media is a way to promote your brand, increase trust among your audience, and entertain your audience with exciting content. You can also engage the audience by providing gift coupons or giveaways. Brands can promote products while keeping their audience engaged with engaging content and promotional offers. 

Social media is a great way to get influencer support, either organically or through a paid partnership. Brands have to focus on every element of social media marketing strategy, right from choosing a platform, creating Instagram/Facebook shops, jumping on trends/events, and tracking customer sentiment

8. High-quality product photography

Capture every detail of your product
Capture every detail of your product

Nothing is worse than ordering a piece of clothing online and not getting what you saw on the website. Not being able to accurately convey fashion products will hurt your bottom line. Fashion brands must use top-notch product photography that includes high-quality visuals, such as multiple angle views, 360-degree images of each product, accurate depictions of all color options, and the option to zoom in on product attributes.  

High-quality product photography
High-quality product photography

A recent game-changer in the fashion industry has been including different sets of models to accurately feature clothes of various shapes, heights, and weights. Instead of displaying a dress in only one size, fashion brands can have multiple models wearing various sizes for the same article of clothing.  

9. Stay up to date with new trends

Fashion eCommerce brands have to be particularly careful of continuously updating their product offering with the latest fashion trends for each season. They can boost sales with an in-demand product assortment. Continuously updated fashion inventory signifies that the brand is up-to-date with the latest fashion trends in the market and has unique products to offer. You can always get creative with new styling, better looks, and personalized product recommendations. 


Fashion eCommerce is rapidly growing and transforming at a staggering rate as technologies continue to advance. Traditional fashion brands can now expand their reach from brick-and-mortar shops to digital and eCommerce platforms to reach shoppers across the globe. The new digital selling opportunities also come with considerable challenges – from staying up to date with ever-evolving trends to managing dead stock. 
Are you a fashion brand that needs help monitoring your product content? Or measuring the effectiveness of your online promotions? Or decoding customer sentiment from reviews they’ve left for your products? Sign up for a demo with our team to know how DataWeave can help!

- Ankitha Nagaraj
Ankitha is a Customer Success Manager at DataWeave who works with some of our key Fashion, Grocery & CPG customers to help them optimize & increase their eCommerce sales., 31st Mar, 2022

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