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How Brands Earn Consumers’ Trust as E-Commerce Soars

Brands that build consumer trust will win big as online shopping explodes this year. As the COVID-19 pandemic propels more shoppers online, ...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Nov, 2020,  


Introducing the CPG Brand Monitor by DataWeave

As DataWeave continues to engage with brands and manufacturers of all sizes, a consistent theme keeps emerging, “click and collect trackin...

DataWeave Marketing | 26th Aug, 2020,  


DataWeave partners with Kenshoo for market intelligence platform

We’re thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Kenshoo to offer an integrated solution that combines DataWeave’s digital shelf a...

DataWeave Marketing | 22nd Jul, 2020,  


Amazon Triples Down on its Private‑label Product Portfolio

Among Amazon’s most prominent and decisive steps in achieving retail dominance over the last few years has been its focus on expanding its...

DataWeave Marketing | 29th May, 2020,  


3 Common Problems That Plague Brands Navigating the eCommerce World

Over the last three years, I have helped deploy eCommerce analytics solutions for several brands and manufacturers globally. During this tim...

Bradley Keefer | 12th Sep, 2019,  


Achieving Pricing Parity Across Online and Offline Channels Should Matter for Brands

With bricks-and-mortar stores steadily increasing their online presence, the balancing act of pricing online and in-store is now more import...

Michael Gamage | 20th Jun, 2019,  


Thanksgiving Weekend Sale: How Top US Consumer Brands Fared

Online retailers in the US have enjoyed an impressive turnover during 2018’s Thanksgiving weekend sale. Over the last few weeks, DataW...

DataWeave Marketing | 10th Jan, 2019,  


Amazon’s US Fashion and Apparel Product Assortment Evolves

As with many other product categories, Amazon has made a significant incursion in Apparel — a key battleground category in retail today. R...

DataWeave Marketing | 21st Nov, 2018,  


Baahubali 2: Dissecting 75,000 Tweets to Uncover Audience Sentiments

Why did Katappa kill Baahubali? Two years ago, not many would have foreseen this sentence capturing the imagination of the country like it h...

Byom Kesh Jha | 5th May, 2017,  


Dissonance in MRPs for same products across online retailers

We all know, online shopping offers a lot of benefits to shoppers. Apart from the convenience it offers access to a wide-assortment base and...

DataWeave Marketing | 13th Dec, 2016,  



Social media can be defined as virtual communities and networks, where social interaction takes place among people and a wide variety of co...

DataWeave Marketing | 31st May, 2016,  


Mining Twitter: Analyzing Social Reactions to Products and Brands

[This post was written by Dipanjan. Dipanjan works in the Engineering Team with Mandar, addressing some of the problems related to Data Sema...

DataWeave Marketing | 9th Dec, 2014,  

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