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5 Ways DataWeave Helps Brands Drive Growth With Amazon Ads

Consumers are discovering and trialing new eCommerce marketplaces, brands and products at a faster rate than ever before, given the vast amo...

Praveen Sheethalnath | 23rd Aug, 2022,  


Prime Day UK 2022 – highlights from the 2 day annual shopping festival!

Amazon Prime Day has been growing year after year. Check out the Amazon Prime Day UK 2022 sales stats from the DataWeave Blog. Read Now! ...

Priyanka Meka | 4th Aug, 2022,  


Fake Reviews: A Real Pain Point for Brands

Learn how to spot a fake reviews and prevent it on Amazon and how it is a real pain point for brands and eCommerce from DataWeave Blog ...

Riya Anand | 27th Jul, 2022,  


The challenges in scaling a ‘House of Brands’

How much have you heard about the house of brands strategy? Find out here the strategies, advantages & challenges companies face in sca...

Saahil Sachdeva | 6th Jul, 2022,  


Top 7 strategies to sell effectively on Amazon

Learn how to sell successfully on Amazon with these 7 Proven Strategies. Improve Product Visuals, Product Intelligent Pricing, Product Descr...

Riya Anand | 26th Apr, 2022,  


11 Reasons why your eCommerce Business is failing

11 Reasons why eCommerce business fails · Poor customer service · Inadequate Pricing · Not targeting the right audience · Slow site spee...

Ankitha Nagaraj | 13th Apr, 2022,  


9 Things to Build a Thriving Fashion eCommerce Brand

According to the Statista Fashion eCommerce report 2021, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for online fashion is predicted to be 10.3% ...

Ankitha Nagaraj | 31st Mar, 2022,  


How VCs and Brand Rollups are using Data for faster Acquisitions

Continuous & automated data first brand scouting is the solution to help Brand Rollups & VCs scout for the ideal brand that fit th...

Abhinav Gupta | 3rd Mar, 2022,  


How to respond to Negative Online Reviews

Learn how to address negative reviews and nudge customers towards building trust in their products. Find out ways in which you should addres...

Anurima Das | 29th Jan, 2022,  

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