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How Brands Can Outperform Rivals With Next-Gen Digital Shelf Analytics

As eCommerce grows in complexity, brands need new ways to grow sales and market share. Right now, brands face urgent market pressures like o...

Praveen Sheethalnath | 30th Nov, 2021,  


Top 4 ways to optimize content to drive e-commerce sales

How to use content to boost your e-commerce sales? Here are the 4 ways of content optimization that will increase your e-commerce sales. Che...

Anurima Das | 29th Nov, 2021,  


2021 Cyber Weekend Preliminary Insights

The exponential growth of eCommerce has forever changed holiday shopping as we know it. What was once led by the launch of Cyber Monday in 2...

Amy Fieber | 23rd Nov, 2021,  


Top 10 Retail Analytics that You Must Know

Retail Analytics help merchants to understand their customers, how to increase sales, and much more. Here we share 10 facts about retail ana...

Osheen Jain | 19th Nov, 2021,  


Prioritizing Brand Protection Before the Holiday Rush

Counterfeits pose a dangerous threat to any retail brand. Since every single sale is a pivotal branding opportunity, especially for young, b...

Jasmine Glasheen | 29th Oct, 2021,  


6 ways Reviews & Ratings can Skyrocket your eCommerce sales

Want to know how to skyrocket your eCommerce sales? Here are 6 different ways how Rating, Reviews and Analytics can help you. Click Here to ...

Anurima Das | 26th Oct, 2021,  


Online Halloween Shopping Is Here to Stay, So Better Stay On Top

Lessons from Kroger, Albertson’s, and Safeway’s Optimized Online Positioning    As consumers continue their migration to ...

Karthik Bettadapura | 19th Oct, 2021,  


4 Hacks to improve your online Product Visibility

With online shopping becoming increasingly important for brands, the concept of ‘product visibility’ within this ecosystem has emerged a...

Anurima Das | 5th Oct, 2021,  


How an American QSR improved its Marketing ROI by 3x on Food Apps

Within months of partnering with DataWeave, a 1000+ store chain QSR was able to achieve a 3X increase in sales with a large food aggregator ...

Abhinav Gupta | 21st Sep, 2021,  


Structuring the Unstructured: Making the Most of Big Data

The big buzzword of the decade has got to be data. When the untapped potentials of great data were first discovered, experts started calling...

Shruthi Nair | 17th Sep, 2021,  


Seven tricks to win food wars on food-apps

Food aggregators have emerged as a critical channel for Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chains to grow their business – especially post...

Abhinav Gupta | 19th Aug, 2021,  

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