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UK Grocery Pricing Wars in 2022! A quick look at Pricing Data we gathered from 5 Grocery retailers i

Understand the insights on who is winning the grocery pricing wars in the UK fought by 5 giant grocery retailers from the DataWeave blog. R...

Varun Sharma | 24th Jul, 2022,  


Feminine Hygiene Products Face Supply Chain Shortage and Price Increases

Last week the DataWeave analytics team identified the states most impacted by the baby formula shortage, only to see feminine hygiene produc...

Amy Fieber | 22nd Jun, 2022,  


Baby Formula Shortage Continues Alongside National Price Increases – June 2022

As the baby formula shortage continues, retailers and brands are working quickly to meet evolving consumer demand, considering supply chain ...

Amy Fieber | 14th Jun, 2022,  


eCommerce in South Africa: Data-Driven approach to getting ahead

About 70% of South Africans shop online once a month resulting in a massive growth of eCommerce in South Africa. Know how to tap into this g...

Prashant Dixit | 6th Jun, 2022,  


The Rise of South African eCommerce : The Growth, & the Future

Understand the future and growth of the South African eCommerce market from online retail to quick commerce & rise in online shopping. ...

Prashant Dixit | 30th May, 2022,  


Share of Keyword Search Cinco de Mayo 2022

As inflation continues to hike costs for consumers and supply chains challenge them to maintain loyalty, there is still an active audience w...

Akhil Gopi | 4th May, 2022,  


The Rise of On-Demand Grocery Delivery after the Pandemic

According to Acosta’s report, post-pandemic, 45% of customers prefer online grocery shopping. Learn the rise and trends of the online ...

Varun Sharma | 5th Apr, 2022,  

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