Prime Day India 2022 – highlights from the 2 day annual shopping festival!

Prime Day India 2022 – highlights from the 2 day annual shopping festival!

15th Aug, 2022

Priyanka Meka

By Priyanka Meka

Amazon India’s much-awaited annual two-day shopping event, Prime Day, kicked off with a bang on July 23rd & 24th this year & was one of the most successful Prime Day events yet! Amazon reported that more than 32,000 sellers saw their highest ever sales day during the event. Interestingly 70% of these sellers who received orders during Prime Day were based in Tier 2 cities in India, further validating how the post-pandemic eCommerce boom has spread across the country. Also, Indian exporters saw 50% business growth on Amazon on Prime Day as customers across markets like North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan continued to purchase Made In India products.
It was a great 2 days for Indian sellers, but what about customers who were waiting in anticipation for the great deals typically offered on Prime Day? We dug into our data to take a look at the deals, discounts, and brands that shone bright on Prime Day in India.


  • In addition to Amazon IN, we also tracked Flipkart on 23 & 24th July 2022, on Prime Day.
  • Categories tracked – Electronics, Grocery, Fashion & Beauty.
  • We looked at Additional Discounts offered on Prime Day: Additional Discount is the extra discount on an item during Prime Day when compared to the Pre-Prime Day price. 
  • We also looked at Post Prime Day Discounts, which were the discounts offered after the 2-day event ended.

Amazon v/s Flipkart – who offered better discounts?

Prime Day discounts are legendary. And across the globe, during Prime Day retailers try and compete to see if they can offer better deals than Amazon. Forbes even published an article on the 36 Prime Day competitor sales that were way more enticing than what Amazon had to offer. In India, we wanted to see if Amazon’s homegrown rival Flipkart might give it a tough fight, so we tracked the volume of discounts across categories on both retailers. 

Discounts on Amazon & Flipkart across categories
Discounts on Amazon & Flipkart across categories
  • Out of the 4 categories we tracked, in spite of Prime Day, Amazon offered discounts higher than Flipkart in only 2 categories – Electronics & Beauty. 
  • … while Flipkart offered higher discounts than Amazon in the Grocery & Fashion category. For groceries, Flipkart offered a 3.2% additional discount v/s 2.2% on Amazon. However, in the Fashion category, the difference was marginal – 8.1% on Amazon v/s 8.6% on Flipkart
  • Post-event, both Amazon & Flipkart went back to the original pre-event prices. This made it clear that Flipkart was tracking and making price changes based on their closest competitor. It’s what smart eCommerce businesses do to stay ahead in the race. 
  • Interestingly, post-event, in the fashion category, not only did Amazon revert to the original pre-event price, they even increased prices by close to 2%.

Let’s take a look at discounts across 4 categories & the Brands that WON in each category.

From Electronics to Fashion, Beauty & Groceries, let’s deep dive into the data to see which products were highly discounted within each category and brands that sprinted ahead to win the race on Amazon on Prime Day 2022.


Tech publication Gadgets360 reported on the biggest Smartphone deals right from Brands like Samsung, Redmi, Oppo, and more. There were some fab deals on earphones too with Boat taking the lead. We wanted to take a look at electronics on Amazon and see which products had the heaviest discounts & if discounts were more lucrative than Prime Day 2021

Discounts on Electronics on Prime Day
Discounts on Electronics on Prime Day
  • Amazon India released highlights from Prime Day and reported that Smartphones & Electronics were among the categories that saw the most success in terms of units sold.
  • From the 6 product categories we tracked within electronics, we saw the highest additional discounts on Smartwatches (13.4%), followed by Bluetooth headphones (10.5%)
  • TV, Smartphones, cameras, and laptops had an additional discount of between 3 – 5.5%

ELECTRONICS Brands that had the highest Share of Search on Amazon during Prime Day

Research shows that on Amazon, the first 3 products garner 64% of business generated. This is why it is critical for brands to appear in the top few listings when consumers are searching for products. Being on top helps shoppers find your brand with ease & increases the chances of a sale. 

On Prime Day 2022, Amazon India reported that the top-selling consumer electronics brands were HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Boat to name a few. Our assumption is, these brands must’ve had a high Share of Search (SoS), which played a massive role in increasing sales, so we looked into our data to see which brands had the highest SoS against specific keywords related to electronics. 

Brand Visibility against the Keywords
Brand Visibility against the Keywords
  • Our data aligned with what Amazon reported. HP had high sales, perhaps because they occupied the premium #1 spot in the laptop category with a 44% SoS! Simply put, this means of the 100 laptops that appeared on a page, against a search for the keyword laptop, 44 products were listed by HP! Consumers always gravitate towards buying products they can find with ease
  • Lenovo had a 32% SoS for Laptops. Asus at 14% 
  • The top selling smartphone brands reported by Amazon included OnePlus, Redmi, Samsung, Realme & iQOO – our data showed that 3 out of these 5 brands were in the top 5 listings on Prime Day! Redmi had a whopping 30% SoS against the keyword smartphone, Samsung at 15%, and iQOO at 5% – clear validation that a high SoS can positively impact sales.


Now let’s look at discounts in the beauty & grooming category. 

Discounts on Beauty Products on Prime Day
Discounts on Beauty Products on Prime Day
  • The highest additional discounts were given on shampoos (9.3%), followed by Lipsticks (6.6%)
  • Shaving kits for men were at an additional discount of 3.4%. Hair gel at 4.9% & Face Masks at 4.3%

BEAUTY Brands that had the highest Share of Search on Amazon during Prime Day

Brand Visibility against the Keywords
Brand Visibility against the Keywords

In the beauty category, Amazon India reported that top-selling brands included Head & Shoulders, Dove, Biotique, L’Oreal, Sugar Cosmetics, and Mamaearth to name a few. Once again, we looked into our data to see the sort of brand visibility & SoS each of these brands had.

  • All the top-selling brand’s Amazon reported on we noticed appeared in the top 5 search results. 
  • Head & Shoulders & Dove were the top 2 listings against the keyword Shampoo at 26% & 16% SoS respectively. Biotique came in at #5 with a 7% SoS
  • Bombay Shaving Company, Gillette, and Axe were the top grooming brands for men in the Shaving Kit category. 
  • Lakme made a clean sweep with a 19% SoS against the keyword lipstick, which speaks volumes, considering the aggressive competition from D2C beauty brands in India today.


According to the New eCommerce in India report by consulting firm Redseer, grocery has been a major contributor to the growth of ecommerce in India & Amazon Fresh used Prime Day to grab a larger piece of that pie! As part of the Prime Day sale, Amazon Fresh also pushed discounts on groceries, as well as fruits and vegetables. We tracked products that fell into the “snack” category, and here’s what we saw.

Discounts on Snacks on Prime Day
Discounts on Snacks on Prime Day
  • Given changing lifestyles & healthy food fads, it was no surprise that we saw the highest additional discounts were given on Healthy Snacks (3.2%) & Diet Food (2.7%)
  • Chocolates and chips saw much lower additional discounts at 1.2% each.
  • Drinks were additionally discounted by 2.5% during Prime Day.

SNACK Brands that had the highest Share of Search on Amazon during Prime Day

Brand Visibility against the Keywords
Brand Visibility against the Keywords
  • Cadbury had a 69% share of search against the keyword Chocolate, leaving some of its key competitors way behind. Amul had a 20% SoS, while Hershey’s was at just 4%. 
  • According to an article in the Economic times, YogaBar tripled sales in FY22, which is why we were not surprised to see the brand at #1 when users were searching for “Healthy Snacks” during Prime Day. YogaBar products typically enjoy high visibility year-round, which clearly helped with brand awareness on Amazon & sales.


Amazon reported that Men’s t-shirts and polos, denims, Kurtis, tops, and dresses for women, designer wear, and clothing for kids were some of the most-loved fashion categories on Prime Day. We looked into our data to see the trends that emerged.

Discounts on Fashion on Prime Day
Discounts on Fashion on Prime Day
  • From the categories we tracked, women’s handbags had the highest additional discount (11.8%), followed by watches (9.1%)
  • Sneakers & jeans had additional discounts in the ballpark of 7% and sunglasses at 4.4%

FASHION Brands that had the highest Share of Search on Amazon during Prime Day

Brand Visibility against the Keywords
Brand Visibility against the Keywords
  • Some of the usual suspects made it to the top 5, but what really stood out for us were brands that popped up against the keyword Jeans. While Levi’s came in at #2 with an 11% SoS, 2 Private Label Amazon brands featured in the top 5! Symbol at 27% SoS and Inkast Denim at 9%
  • Against the keyword Handbag, Lavie had a massive lead at 38% v/s the #2 brand – Caprese, at 13%
  • Boat found a #2 spot against the keyword watches, racing way ahead of the age-old popular brand Fastrack at #5 with a 4% SoS.


Amazon Prime Day 2022 in India came to a successful close as shoppers across India discovered the joy of the 2 day celebration with the best deals, savings, new launches, and more. Prime members from 95% of pin codes in India made purchases, there were 1000’s of deals and 500+ new product launches from brand partners & sellers. Nearly 18% more sellers grossed sales over INR 1 crore, and close to 38% more sellers grossed sales of over 1 lakh vs Prime Day 2021. Local neighborhood shops that sell on Amazon witnessed 4x sales growth. And start-ups and brands under the Amazon Launchpad program witnessed a growth of 3x. All in all, a successful event for everyone involved! 

- Priyanka Meka
Priyanka is a Senior Business Analyst at Dataweave, 15th Aug, 2022

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