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Fashion on Black Friday: Decoding Pricing Strategies of Top U.S. Retailers

Over the last few Thanksgiving Weekend sales, fashion, what was a category once typically reserved for offline purchases, has evolved into ...

Nadir Islam | 11th Dec, 2019,  


Black Friday Sale: Breaking Down Pricing Strategies in Consumer Electronics

Online holiday shopping (Nov-Dec) in the US for 2019 is projected to be $143.7B, a 14.1% increase from 2018. This sets a rather exciting sta...

DataWeave Marketing | 5th Dec, 2019,  


Amazon on course for an aggressive Black Friday

The holidays are around the corner and that much awaited holiday cheer, has now become directly proportional to the arrival of an Amazon pac...

DataWeave Marketing | 27th Nov, 2019,  


3 Common Problems That Plague Brands Navigating the eCommerce World

Over the last three years, I have helped deploy eCommerce analytics solutions for several brands and manufacturers globally. During this tim...

Bradley Keefer | 12th Sep, 2019,  


AI-powered Product Matching: The Key to Competitive Pricing Intelligence in eCommerce

With thousands of products and hundreds of online retailers to choose from, the average modern-day shopper usually compares prices across se...

Sanket Patil | 30th Aug, 2019,  


Flaunt Your Deep-Tech Prowess at Bootstrap Paradox Hackathon Hosted by Blume Ventures

When DataWeave was founded in 2011, we set out to democratize data by enabling businesses to leverage public Web data to solve mission-criti...

Vikranth Ramanolla | 1st Aug, 2019,  


Prime Day 2019 Fashion: Were the Deals as Attractive as the Merchandise?

Target and Walmart offered more appealing discounts than Amazon during Prime Day 2019. Statista estimates that e-commerce fashion accounted ...

DataWeave Marketing | 29th Jul, 2019,  


Online Furniture: Breaking Down Pricing Strategies on Amazon Prime Day 2019

Just as with electronics, other retailers actually offered far better discounts than Amazon during Prime Day 2019. Online furniture sales ha...

DataWeave Marketing | 24th Jul, 2019,  


Amazon Prime Day 2019: How Prime Were Your Electronics Deals?

Our preliminary analysis reveals that Prime Day 2019 had other retailers offering better deals than Amazon in many cases. As Prime Day exten...

DataWeave Marketing | 22nd Jul, 2019,  


Achieving Pricing Parity Across Online and Offline Channels Should Matter for Brands

With bricks-and-mortar stores steadily increasing their online presence, the balancing act of pricing online and in-store is now more import...

Michael Gamage | 20th Jun, 2019,  


Compete Profitably in Retail: Leveraging AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence at Massive Scale

AI is everywhere. Any retailer worth his salt knows that in today’s hyper-competitive environment, you can’t win just by fighting hard &...

Krishnan Thyagarajan | 13th Jun, 2019,  


6 Smart Pricing Strategies for eCommerce Success

Over the last decade, the proliferation of e-commerce and the consequent surge in competitiveness among retailers has brought focus to one o...

Shailendra Nagarajan | 24th May, 2019,  


Retailers Adopt Aggressive Private Label Pricing Strategies in CPG

Nine out of 10 leading retailers price their private label products lower than the average prices of their respective categories, reveals th...

DataWeave Marketing | 29th Mar, 2019,  


2018 at DataWeave: A Year of Prolific Success and Growth

As we enter 2019, in the backdrop of DataWeave’s unprecedented growth and success, we decided to take a breath and look back at some of th...

Karthik Bettadapura | 22nd Jan, 2019,  


Thanksgiving Weekend Sale: How Top US Consumer Brands Fared

Online retailers in the US have enjoyed an impressive turnover during 2018’s Thanksgiving weekend sale. Over the last few weeks, DataW...

DataWeave Marketing | 10th Jan, 2019,  

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