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How Apache Airflow Optimizes Complex Workflows in DataWeaveave’s Technology Platform

As successful businesses grow, they add a large number of people, customers, tools, technologies, etc. and roll out processes to manage the ...

Rahul Ramesh | 13th May, 2020,  


Flaunt Your Deep-Tech Prowess at Bootstrap Paradox Hackathon Hosted by Blume Ventures

When DataWeave was founded in 2011, we set out to democratize data by enabling businesses to leverage public Web data to solve mission-criti...

Vikranth Ramanolla | 1st Aug, 2019,  


Dataweave – CherryPy vs Sanic: Which Python API Framework is Faster?

Rest APIs play a crucial role in the exchange of data between internal systems of an enterprise, or when connecting with external services. ...

Rahul Ramesh | 24th Jan, 2018,  


Implement a Machine-Learning Product Classification System

For online retailers, price competitiveness and a broad assortment of products are key to acquiring new customers, and driving customer rete...

Ankush Bhalotia | 22nd Jun, 2017,  


Dataweave – Smartphones vs Tablets: Does size matter?

Smartphones vs Tablets: Does size matter? We have seen a steady increase in the number of smartphones and tablets since the last five years...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


Why is Product Matching Difficult? | DataWeave

Product Matching is a combination of algorithmic and manual techniques to recognize and match identical products from different sources. Pro...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


A Peek into GNU Parallel

GNU Parallel is a tool that can be deployed from a shell to parallelize job execution. A job can be anything from simple shell scripts to c...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


How to Conquer Data Mountains API by API | DataWeave

Let’s revisit our raison d’être: DataWeave is a platform on which we do large-scale data aggregation and serve this data in forms ...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


Difference Between Json, Ultrajson, & Simplejson | DataWeave

Without argument, one of the most common used data model is JSON. There are two popular packages used for handling json — first is the sto...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


Mining Twitter for Reactions to Products & Brands | DataWeave

[This post was written by Dipanjan. Dipanjan works in the Engineering Team with Mandar, addressing some of the problems related to Data Sema...

DataWeave Marketing | 9th Dec, 2014,  


Mining Twitter to Analyze Product Trends | DataWeave

Social media can be defined as virtual communities and networks, where social interaction takes place among people and a wide variety of co...

DataWeave Marketing | 5th Dec, 2014,  

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