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Dazzle Dads With Electronics & Home Goods This Father’s Day

This year, shoppers will skip neckties and celebrate Dad with gifts for his home office or man cave.As our personal and professional lives g...

DataWeave Marketing | 16th Jun, 2021,  


As Value Shopping Soars, Pricing Matters More

The pandemic’s profound economic impact sparked a surge in value shopping. Between February and December 2020, 10 million Americans lost t...

DataWeave Marketing | 2nd Jun, 2021,  


Food Delivery Gives Moms a Delicious Break On Mother’s Day

Moms deserve a scrumptious celebration. In time for Mother’s Day, restaurants and their food delivery partners can unburden mothers from t...

DataWeave Marketing | 7th May, 2021,  


This Mother’s Day, Dazzle Moms With These Beauty & Fashion Trends

Show moms extra love this year. With Mother’s Day coming up fast, savvy beauty and fashion brands will use this special occasion to inspir...

DataWeave Marketing | 6th May, 2021,  


Similarity matching keeps retailers competitive: Know your rivals

Soaring e-commerce growth has made retail more crowded, complex and competitive. Now retailers face an urgent need to keep an eye on more ri...

DataWeave Marketing | 15th Apr, 2021,  


How Brands Make Their Marketing Magnetic

E-commerce is getting crowded. The proliferation of informed shoppers, e-commerce sites, and competitors of all sizes has increased the comp...

DataWeave Marketing | 16th Mar, 2021,  


How Healthy is Your Assortment?

In 2021, both consumers and retailers seek better health. The pandemic has inspired consumers and retailers to take better care of their phy...

DataWeave Marketing | 25th Feb, 2021,  


How Brands Boost Their E-Commerce Profitability

Brands that protect their bottom line will win online. As global e-commerce smashes sales records, more brands are now taking control over t...

DataWeave Marketing | 17th Feb, 2021,  


[INFOGRAPHIC] 2020: The Year the World Navigated Uncertainty Together

The start of 2020 brought with it the promise of global economic growth. Markets in the US were on a steady rise we also witnessed demand fr...

Karthik Bettadapura | 19th Jan, 2021,  


AI-Driven Mapping of Retail Taxonomies- Part 2

Mapping product taxonomies using Deep Learning In Part 1 we discussed the importance of Retail taxonomy and the applications of mapping reta...

Shwet Kamal Mishra | 13th Jan, 2021,  


Mapping eCommerce Product Taxonomy with AI Pt. 1

Product Taxonomy and its importance in retail Every product on a retail website is categorized in such a way that it denotes where the produ...

Shwet Kamal Mishra | 6th Jan, 2021,  

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