Win Search. Win the Digital Shelf this Holiday Season!

Win Search. Win the Digital Shelf this Holiday Season!

25th Nov, 2021

Riya Anand

By Riya Anand

With the holiday shopping frenzy right around the corner, brands need to do everything they can to win their customer’s share of wallets. ‘Tis the season shoppers have longer shopping lists and will likely buy products they’ve never purchased before for gift giving. This makes it even more critical for brands to make sure they make it easy for shoppers to find their product at the time right time, with the right deals and discounts.
Watch the webinar with Karthik BettadapuraCEO, Co-Founder at DataWeave & Vladimir Sushko– E-Retail Director at Anheuser-Busch InBev & learn about the key levers brands need to pull to get their Digital Shelf ready for the Holiday Season

Let’s start with Product Search…

Search Optimization

Organic levers you can pull for Search Optimization

Key Highlights:

  • Product content is not a one-time fix. It’s seasonal. Seasons change and so does your product. Your content needs to reflect these dynamic changes. 
  • Fact – Search rankings drop when product availability starts dipping.
    Lesser known fact – even after stock replenishing, your search ranking does not bounce back immediately. The opportunity cost of dwindling product stock is high. 
  • Being optimized for the right keyword is good. Being optimized for the right keyword, with a higher ranking than your competitor is great
  • Ratings & Reviews have a large correlation with search ranking and impact on sales.

We then asked the audience what factors they thought had the biggest impact on search rankings… 

Search Ranking

Listen to the experts answer questions that have been on everyone’s mind this Holiday Season! 

Win Search Wn the Digital Shelf
  • Vladimir: How do you approach Search at Ab InBev? 
  • Vladimir: Favourites have an impact, but is this something you can influence? If yes, how?
  • Vladimir: When it comes to growing your online sales via marketplaces what’s the one lever you pull most aggressively?
  • Karthik: Optimizing Share of Search on Marketplaces v/s traditional online retailers 
  • Vladimir: What organic efforts do you use to improve your share of search?
  • Vladimir: When it comes to sponsored search do you use an always-on strategy or are ads spent strategically? 
  • Karthik: Sponsored or Organic? What’s your advice to brands? 
  • Vladimir: Are you tracking your competitor’s Digital Shelf? 
  • Karthik: Which competitor KPIs do you recommend brands should track?
Bonus Content

Vladimir: What’s your strategy to make sure you have a high share of search during Christmas – the busiest shopping season. 

Karthik: What’s your advice for brands for the festive season?

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Do you know if your brand is prepped and ready to make an impact during the biggest holiday season of the year? Or simply just wondering if your Digital Shelf is optimized with the right price, discounts, reviews, and keywords? Our team can DataWeave can help! Reach out to our Digital Shelf experts to learn more.

- Riya Anand
Riya Anand is the Director of Marketing at DataWeave, 25th Nov, 2021

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