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6 Promotional Strategies for the Holiday Season

Looking for an effective list of Promotional Strategies for this upcoming season? Find the best 6 strategies to increase sales during holida...

Osheen Jain | 15th Dec, 2021,  


How Brands Can Outperform Rivals With Next-Gen Digital Shelf Analytics

As eCommerce grows in complexity, brands need new ways to grow sales and market share. Right now, brands face urgent market pressures like o...

Praveen Sheethalnath | 30th Nov, 2021,  


Top 4 ways to optimize content to drive e-commerce sales

How to use content to boost your e-commerce sales? Here are the 4 ways of content optimization that will increase your e-commerce sales. Che...

Anurima Das | 29th Nov, 2021,  


Win Search. Win the Digital Shelf this Holiday Season!

Win Search. Win the Digital Shelf this Holiday Season! ...

Riya Anand | 25th Nov, 2021,  


How Artificial Intelligence is giving the Indian Beauty Industry a Facelift

In this article, you will understand how artificial intelligence is helping the Indian beauty industry to give them a boost. ...

Anurima Das | 17th Nov, 2021,  


How E-commerce Brands Build Customer Trust | DataWeave

Brands that build consumer trust will win big as online shopping explodes this year. As the COVID-19 pandemic propels more shoppers online, ...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Nov, 2020,  


Market Intelligence Platform with Kenshoo

We’re thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Kenshoo to offer an integrated marketing solution that combines DataWeave’s digit...

DataWeave Marketing | 22nd Jul, 2020,  


Baahubali 2: Dissecting 75,000 Tweets to Uncover Audience Sentiments

Why did Katappa kill Baahubali? Two years ago, not many would have foreseen this sentence capturing the imagination of the country like it h...

Byom Kesh Jha | 5th May, 2017,  


Dissonance in Online MRP Prices Across Retailers | DataWeave

We all know, online shopping offers a lot of benefits to shoppers. Apart from the convenience it offers access to a wide-assortment base and...

DataWeave Marketing | 13th Dec, 2016,  



Social media can be defined as virtual communities and networks, where social interaction takes place among people and a wide variety of co...

DataWeave Marketing | 31st May, 2016,  


How to Build a Twitter Sentiment Analysis App Using R

Twitter, as we know, is a highly popular social networking and micro-blogging service used by millions worldwide. Each status or tweet as we...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  


How to Extract Colors From an Image

We have taken a special interest in colors in recent times. Some of us can even identify and name a couple of dozen different colors! The ge...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  

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