How Brands Make Their Marketing Magnetic

How Brands Make Their Marketing Magnetic

16th Mar, 2021


By DataWeave Marketing

E-commerce is getting crowded.

The proliferation of informed shoppers, e-commerce sites, and competitors of all sizes has increased the complexity of – and lucrative opportunities in – brand management.

Now more brands rely on data insights to uncover specific ways to make their digital marketing more arresting, effective and profitable. Many brands struggle with e-commerce profitability due, in part, to advertising expenses that often yield lackluster results.1

Analytics are growing in retail significance, as 88% of retail and consumer goods marketers say data improves their marketing by allowing them to personalize touchpoints. Relevant marketing and great marketers helps brands connect with consumers. Let’s see why leading brands are adding data insights to their 2021 marketing strategies to fuel online sales growth.

Brands discover how to get discovered

Consumer goods brands no longer leave it up to chance that consumers will find them online. The digital migration of companies and consumers over the past year means more noise for brands to breakthrough.

Now search is growing in importance to improve brands’ online product discovery. Here’s why:

  • 87% of shoppers begin their hunt in digital channels3
  • 17% rise in paid search in late 20204
  • 24% rise in paid social advertising during the same period5

To grab consumers’ attention by being easier to see, more brands are turning to data insights to track their online visibility.

Brands need to look for ways to mitigate the high costs of acquiring customers online6

Brands use marketing analytics related to keywords and navigation searches help brands know exactly how much space on the digital shelf they occupy across different online platforms.

These DataWeave’s Share of Search solutions help brands understand what percentage of the digital shelf they command through either keywords or navigation. These insights can help brands decide whether to boost their brand visibility using sponsored ads to ensure their products show up more prominently in online search results to boost brand reach and awareness on each channel. For instance, brands can tell whether consumers search for products using branded, generic or category-specific keywords to align their marketing accordingly.

In addition, brands can see how their organic and sponsored results rank compared to their competitors to spot ways to improve their visibility rank and decrease customer acquisition costs.

Content differentiates a brand’s digital shelf

For a striking digital presence and enhanced discoverability, leading brands measure how effectively their content inspires online shoppers to choose them.

Brands can improve their digital marketing results by using Content Audit insights to spot patterns among their top-performing campaigns. They can also benchmark their content with category bestsellers to discover how to optimize their online performance to grow sales volume and market share.

Strategic advertising requires high-quality photography and data-driven content7

Using these data insights from DataWeave helps brands determine how well their content (including product description pages and images) align with e-commerce algorithms and lead to online traffic, engagement and sales. Brands also adapt faster by adjusting underperforming campaigns to reduce costs and optimize their digital marketing spends.

Brands can fill content gaps across online channels with enhanced product information that aligns content and images with brands’ product information management (PIM). Using analytics to deliver a consistent brand experience across all online channels can help brands build relationships with consumers and earn their trust.

Alluring promotions help brands secure the sale

As e-commerce evolves, brands have matured beyond Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns to offer targeted promotions across digital touchpoints, which increases marketing reach and complexity.

To boost clarity, be in demand and drive sales across online platforms, more leading brands use data insights to measure the effectiveness of their digital Promotions. Promotional insights from DataWeave keep brands informed of trending categories and products to keep their online offerings relevant and timely. Brands can pinpoint exactly which products to promote and which e-commerce sites help them drive the most profitable results with compelling digital offers.

Brands that respond quickly to their customers’ needs have the upper hand8

Analytics also keep brands competitive and relevant by benchmarking their promotional strategies with their rivals’ and continuously monitoring rivals’ online moves. For instance, brands can track the promotions their competitors offer for similar products across different e-commerce sites. These competitive insights help brands quickly spot opportunities to optimize their online conversions with appealing promotions that reflect market trends.

Better marketing decisions can help brands grow sales and share

Data insights make brands more enticing by connecting the dots among their online visibility, content and promotions. Brands uncover ways to make smarter marketing decisions faster to improve their top line and decrease customer acquisition costs. DataWeave analytics also help brands stand out and improve product discovery, engagement and sales. As a result, brands save time and boost their agility with relevant marketing that resonates and inspires shoppers to keep coming back.

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- DataWeave Marketing
16th Mar, 2021

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