Are Your Digital Shelves Prepared for Green Monday?

Are Your Digital Shelves Prepared for Green Monday?

13th Dec, 2021

Amy Fieber

By Amy Fieber

Traditionally, retailers have staged multiple promotions between Black Friday and before Christmas Day to keep consumers excited about holiday shopping, so it’s easy to see why one more promotional day might fall into relative obscurity. As if ‘Early Start’ offers to Black Friday and extended ‘Cyber Weekend’ promotions weren’t enough to plan for, eBay added another day into the mix called ‘Green Monday’, much to the benefit of consumers, as it furthers the window of opportunity to secure a bargain during the holiday season. 

Green Monday falls on the second Monday of December and has historically been one of the greatest sales days of the year for eBay, often attracting last-minute shoppers or those searching for last-minute deals. However, because of the 2021 Global Shipping Crisis, there is speculation that Green Monday may be the last chance this year to have items delivered in time for Christmas. For this reason, we believe it could turn into quite a fruitful event for participating retailers if it encourages procrastinating shoppers that traditionally spend closer to December 25th to buy earlier in the season.

This isn’t the first year retailers outside of eBay have offered Green Monday promotions, however. Our team has been actively monitoring activity on this day from 2017 through present, to not only assess which retailers participate in the event, but also to understand how the discounts may change surrounding the event. The categories monitored include Apparel (Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry), Bed and Bath, and Home and Garden, and we’ve identified products offered on discount by comparing each applicable product’s price on Green Monday versus the most commonly seen price for the product offered throughout the month of December.

Better Promotions Than Boxing Day

Taking a closer look at 2020 Green Monday discounts within the categories and retailers analyzed, apart from, we see all offered more SKUs on discount on Green Monday versus the days leading up to and out of the event. led the pack with around 93% of SKUs offered on discount, followed by with 95%, and with 83%. Overall, the number of SKUs on discount on Green Monday were greater than the SKUs offered on discount on Boxing Day, which is traditionally known as a great day to bargain shop.

Source: DataWeave Commerce Intelligence – Promotional Insights tracking Apparel, Bed & Bath, and Home & Garden category product’s online price on Green Monday 2020 in the US versus regular prices for the same products in the month of December each year.

What’s in Store for Green Monday 2021?

The insights we’ve tracked over the last four years have not indicated any signs to an end for Green Monday any time soon. As we see it, for consumers it is an extremely convenient time to order holiday gifts, and for retailers it is a good time to build brand trust and loyalty by fulfilling last minute orders at a great value, in time for the holidays.

Our prediction for the categories analyzed is to expect to see more retailers participate in Green Monday 2021 to a greater degree (more SKUs on sale and enhanced promotions). For retailers in this analysis, we would anticipate to enhance the number of offers to match 2020 competitive activity, and for to look at increasing the number of offers on Green Monday versus the period leading into the event.

If you are interested in learning more about the details behind this analysis or our Promotional Insights solution, be sure to contact us. We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your holiday promotional spend with access to near real-time marketplace insights on the brands, categories, and products your rivals promote, including discounts, campaign frequency and duration and more.

- Amy Fieber
13th Dec, 2021

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