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26th Aug, 2020


By DataWeave Marketing

As DataWeave continues to engage with brands and manufacturers of all sizes, a consistent theme keeps emerging, “click and collect tracking”. Right now, brands rely on manual-store checks or waiting upwards of two weeks for a retailer to report sales data, which reveals low sales because a product is out of stock. In addition, there are always questions about the local price of your products compared to top competitors in the category. This is where DataWeave’s CPG Brand Monitor solution can help. 

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What we cover?

On a daily basis, we track over 13,000 variant level SKUs across 100 stores, via seven of the top grocery retailers. We have selected the largest grocers in each region of the US, to allow for the widest coverage. These grocers include Albertsons/ Safeway in the west, HEB in Texas, Kroger in the upper mid-west, Wegmans in the Mid-Atlantic and Publix in the Southeast. 

How does it work?

In the application, you will see the list of all the SKUs we’re covering, with filters on the left side of the page to help with navigation. You can sort by Brand, Category, Store/ City, State, etc. After the filters are applied, the SKU list will be displayed based on these filters.  On the right side of the screen, you will see all the product level details including a 7-day price history, individual store level pricing/ stock availability and exportable charts and graphs. 

How do I get access?

Simply access the CPG Brand Monitor page, fill in your credentials via “Start Free Trial” and your login will be sent directly to your inbox. No commitments or phone calls are needed to test out the data. After a few days, our team will be in touch to make sure you understand how to navigate the tool and take you through our subscription options.   

What else do we offer?

DataWeave also offers a full Digital Shelf Analytics suite that covers Share of Voice (keyword, navigation and banner audits), Content Audit/ Optimization, Ratings/ Review Sentiment Analysis, Promotional Analysis, and much more. 

- DataWeave Marketing
26th Aug, 2020

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