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31st May, 2016


By DataWeave Marketing

PriceWeave provides Competive Intelligence for eRetailers, brands, and manufacturers. Competitive Intelligence helps businesses understand their competition better, take timely decisions, and increase sales. Our retail pricing intelligence tool serves the following major purposes:

Compare: PriceWeave lets you access products from across any number of sources and organize them for a straightforward apples-to-apples comparison.

Monitor: Our intuitive dashboards help you monitor prices, assortments, products, brands, and deals across competition on a daily basis.

Discover: Discover gaps in your product catalog. Discover products that are unique to you. Discover new brands and categories your competitors have introduced. Find new competitors.

Analyze: Get customized alerts and reports on anything that you want to track. Access historical pricing data to understand pricing strategies. Visualize data across facets at different levels of granularity.

If you are an eRetailer, PriceWeave powers your sales, marketing, and analytics team with actionable data–for both day to day operations, as well as long term strategy. With retail pricing intelligence, an eRetailer can:

  • understand pricing opportunitiesand implement an effective pricing strategy
  • get pricing variation for the products you are tracking across competition
  • get apples-to-apples product comparison and historical pricing data
  • optimize assortment planningthrough assortment intelligence
  • continuously monitor product assortment width and depth
  • understand gaps in your (and your competition’s) product catalog
  • manage featured products and promotions
  • develop overall sales and marketing strategy
  • big picture as well multi-dimensional faceted views: price bands, discount bands, categories, brands, and features

If you are a brand or a manufacturer who sell your products through retailers, PriceWeave helps you as well. A Brand (or a Manufacturer) can:

  • ensure brand equity
  • monitor MOP violations and discover unauthorized resellers
  • increase market penetration
  • track retailer assortment across competing brand products.
  • discover new retailers — new distribution channels
  • increase engagement with retailers as well as customers
  • get regular reports on availability, pricing, offers, and discounts

In short, PriceWeave is a product that gives you all the data and tools to help you gain and sustain an edge over your competition.

For a demo of the product do reach out to us at ( You can sign up for a free evaluation at

- DataWeave Marketing
31st May, 2016

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