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Anurima Das is the Managing Editor for Phygital Magazine and handles the technology beat for IMAGES India portfolio. She loves to hold tech conversations and is enthusiastic about 'retail's phygital transformations'.


How to respond to Negative Online Reviews

Learn how to address negative reviews and nudge customers towards building trust in their products. Find out ways in which you should addres...

Anurima Das | 29th Jan, 2022,  


Manage Your Supply Chain Like a Pro

Supply chain management will be the success key for brands & retailers. if you want to develop a process that is faster, you have to im...

Anurima Das | 9th Dec, 2021,  


Top 4 ways to optimize content to drive e-commerce sales

How to use content to boost your e-commerce sales? Here are the 4 ways of content optimization that will increase your e-commerce sales. Che...

Anurima Das | 29th Nov, 2021,  


How Artificial Intelligence is giving the Indian Beauty Industry a Facelift

In this article, you will understand how artificial intelligence is helping the Indian beauty industry to give them a boost. ...

Anurima Das | 17th Nov, 2021,  


6 ways Reviews & Ratings can Skyrocket your eCommerce sales

Want to know how to skyrocket your eCommerce sales? Here are 6 different ways how Rating, Reviews and Analytics can help you. Click Here to ...

Anurima Das | 26th Oct, 2021,  


4 Hacks to improve your online Product Visibility

With online shopping becoming increasingly important for brands, the concept of ‘product visibility’ within this ecosystem has emerged a...

Anurima Das | 5th Oct, 2021,  

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