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Osheen is an experienced content writer who is interested in the intersection of robotics and Embodied Cognition. She has a PGD in Cognitive Science, a Master's in Philosophy, and enjoys reading immensely.


What is Customer Price Perception and why it is important

Learn how to build the right customer price perception by analyzing competitors pricing, promotional strategies and brand image with the hel...

Osheen Jain | 4th May, 2022,  


What Historical Pricing Data can tell you & how to use it

Identify the significance of historical pricing data & how to make the most of it. Maximize your revenue by planning pricing strategies...

Osheen Jain | 11th Feb, 2022,  


Best Practices to avoid MAP Violations in 2022

MAP is an agreement between distributors and manufacturers about the minimum price resellers can advertise the products. Read the full blog ...

Osheen Jain | 29th Jan, 2022,  


Quick Commerce in 2022: An Era of Hyperlocal Delivery

Know about the importance of quick commerce or Q-Commerce & its benefits, also read about factors to consider for quick commerce and ho...

Osheen Jain | 25th Jan, 2022,  


Importance of Image Recognition in the Retail Industry

Image recognition helps retailers to get more real-time visibility and help to increase sales for their store. Learn more about Image Recogn...

Osheen Jain | 20th Dec, 2021,  


6 Promotional Strategies for the Holiday Season

Looking for an effective list of Promotional Strategies for this upcoming season? Find the best 6 strategies to increase sales during holida...

Osheen Jain | 15th Dec, 2021,  


Top 7 AI tools for your eCommerce business

7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Tools for your eCommerce business growth in 2022. Read the blog to know more about Data Warehouse an...

Osheen Jain | 5th Dec, 2021,  


Top 10 Retail Analytics that You Must Know

Retail Analytics help merchants to understand their customers, how to increase sales, and much more. Here we share 10 facts about retail ana...

Osheen Jain | 19th Nov, 2021,  

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