[INFOGRAPHIC] 2019 at DataWeave: Blazing New Trails

[INFOGRAPHIC] 2019 at DataWeave: Blazing New Trails

20th Jan, 2020

Karthik Bettadapura

By Karthik Bettadapura

As another year comes to a close, we look back at 2019 with fond memories and look forward to the exciting new prospects of 2020. Take a trip with us as we highlight some of DataWeave’s milestones of the last twelve months.

Over the course of the year, DataWeave’s success has gone hand in hand with the evolution of retail and e-commerce, reinforcing the relevance of our technology platform.

Our rapid growth in the North American market is a reflection of how intense competition in the region is triggering the need for accurate, timely, and actionable competitive and market insights, as well as other avenues for retailers and brands to gain a competitive edge.

Last year, we saw a resurgence of big-box (omnichannel) retailers as they adopted innovative approaches to play to their strengths (their offline stores). Offering buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) or click-and-collect options, rolling out price match guarantee programs, and expanding their partnerships with delivery services like Instacart, enabled these retailers to leverage the best of both the online and offline worlds to compete with e-commerce firms.

Amazon continues to dominate e-commerce with a daunting 38% share in the US. Still, the partnerships between brands and Amazon are increasingly being tested. Nike and Ikea recently joined the likes of Swatch and Birkenstock to sever ties with the retail behemoth. This seemingly growing trend is largely due to counterfeits continuing to leak through the system.

Brands that used to de-prioritize their focus on their eCommerce channel (as it often was only a small portion of their revenues) have come to realize that consumers use large marketplaces like Amazon not just to shop for products but also to perform product research. As a result, how these brands are represented and sold online impact their offline sales. And with the onset of BOPIS and click-and-collect initiatives, brands can now analyze this correlation even at a hyperlocal (ZIP-code) level.

Large marketplaces, for their part, have started taking advantage of the increasingly brand-agnostic shopping behavior of consumers by launching ad-platforms for brands and manufacturers, enabling them to boost their visibility online.

Due to such sweeping transformations to the market landscape, brands and retailers are increasingly looking more toward intelligent tech-based solutions to help them gain a competitive edge.

In order to effectively serve the growing need for competitive and market insights, we’ve pushed our platform to its limits and beyond. It’s our constant endeavor to innovate and improve. This is evident with the launch of a host of new features on our product suite, especially Brand Analytics – designed to enable consumer brands to protect their brand equity and optimize e-commerce performance.

One of the key factors that enabled us to achieve all the milestones we did is the aggressive hiring of some of the most skilled talent in the tech industry. Our team grew by 44% in 2019, giving us additional confidence to raise the bar on our capabilities and offer 95% accuracy in our data and insights to our customers consistently.

We’re encouraged by the fact that we’ve more than doubled as a business, year-over-year, for the past several years, without depending solely on growing the team, but also by consolidating our technology stack, optimizing our processes, and scaling our products.

Here’s a sneak peek into our performance in 2019:

2020 Vision

The upcoming year promises to be an exciting one for the retail industry and the consumer brand space at large. We plan to be at the helm and increase our footprint all around. There’s a strong focus to expand our US team and consequently, the business. While we continue to strengthen our roots in India, we will look toward other mature markets like the UK, Germany and the Middle East as well.

On other fronts, we’re gathering steam on new partnership engagements – consulting firms, ad tech firms, marketing agencies and complementary technologies. We will also expand our foray into the travel and delivery services verticals.

With our diversifying portfolio, we haven’t lost sight of one of the most important aspects of any successful company – its employees. We will continue to keep our employees engaged, motivated, and satisfied by providing vertical and horizontal career growth opportunities, conducting personalized training programs, organizing hackathons, fostering cross-team collaboration and learning, and encouraging everyone to periodically blow off some steam at company retreats and the ferociously fought in-house sports tournaments.

Here’s to a stellar 2020 of empowered retailers and brands. We wish them well as they navigate the dense competitive landscape, knowing that they have an ally in their corner with DataWeave.

- Karthik Bettadapura
Karthik Bettadapura is the Co-founder and CEO of DataWeave, with over 15 years of technology leadership experience as well as having built and managed large-scale web and data analytics products and platforms. He can be reached at karthik@dataweave.com., 20th Jan, 2020

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