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The retail industry is one of the pioneers in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Check out how DataWeave's proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology helps retailers make smarter decisions.


How Artificial Intelligence is giving the Indian Beauty Industry a Facelift

In this article, you will understand how artificial intelligence is helping the Indian beauty industry to give them a boost. ...

Anurima Das | 17th Nov, 2021,  


AI-Driven Mapping of Retail Taxonomies- Part 2

Mapping product taxonomies using Deep Learning In Part 1 we discussed the importance of Retail taxonomy and the applications of mapping reta...

Shwet Kamal Mishra | 13th Jan, 2021,  


Mapping eCommerce Product Taxonomy with AI Pt. 1

Product Taxonomy and its importance in retail Every product on a retail website is categorized in such a way that it denotes where the produ...

Shwet Kamal Mishra | 6th Jan, 2021,  


Dataweave – AI-powered Product Matching: The Key to Competitive Pricing Intelligence in eComme

With thousands of products and hundreds of online retailers to choose from, the average modern-day shopper usually compares prices across se...

Sanket Patil | 30th Aug, 2019,  


Compete Profitably in Retail: Leveraging AI-Powered Competitive Intelligence at Massive Scale

AI is everywhere. Any retailer worth his salt knows that in today’s hyper-competitive environment, you can’t win just by fighting hard &...

Krishnan Thyagarajan | 13th Jun, 2019,  


Evaluating the Influence of Learning Models | DataWeave

Natt Fry, a renowned thought leader in the world of retail and analytics, published recently an article expounding the value and potential o...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Oct, 2018,  


Recognize Product Attributes with AI-Powered Image Analytics

Anna is a fashionista and a merchandise manager at a large fast-fashion retailer. As part of her job, she regularly browses through the Web ...

Anshul Garg | 16th Apr, 2018,  


Alibaba’s Singles Day Sale: Decoding the World’s Biggest Shopping Festival

$17.5 million every 60 seconds. That’s the volume of sales Alibaba generated on 11.11, or Singles Day. This mammoth event, decisively the ...

DataWeave Marketing | 24th Nov, 2017,  


Video: Using Product Images to Achieve Over 90% Accuracy in Matching E-Commerce Products

Matching images is hard! Images, intrinsically, are complex forms of information, with varying backgrounds, orientations, and noise. Develop...

DataWeave Marketing | 9th Aug, 2017,  


Baahubali 2: Dissecting 75,000 Tweets to Uncover Audience Sentiments

Why did Katappa kill Baahubali? Two years ago, not many would have foreseen this sentence capturing the imagination of the country like it h...

Byom Kesh Jha | 5th May, 2017,  


Why is Product Matching Difficult? | DataWeave

Product Matching is a combination of algorithmic and manual techniques to recognize and match identical products from different sources. Pro...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Aug, 2015,  

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