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Black Friday Stories


UK’s Biggest Sale Days: What we saw in 2021 and trends for 2022

Customers love discounts, and promotions are the most effective way to attract
shoppers and increase sales during the holiday season a...

Riya Anand | 15th Feb, 2022,  


2021 Cost-Push Inflationary Trends Ran Rampant, Impacting Holiday Discounts

Business has been anything but usual this holiday season, especially in the digital retail world. The holiday hustle and bustle historically...

Nadir Islam | 4th Jan, 2022,  


Black Friday Prices Tempt Health & Beauty Shoppers

Black Friday looked downright sultry with desirable discounts on health and beauty products. This year, health and beauty sales faced the th...

DataWeave Marketing | 18th Dec, 2020,  


Who Won Black Friday’s Electronics Price War?

Electronics have never been hotter. This year’s COVID-19 pandemic created a seismic shift towards tech, directly affecting retailers’ Bl...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Dec, 2020,  


Black Friday Furniture Prices Inspire Home Makeovers

As most of us stay home for the holidays this year, retailers hope we’ll invest in our nest. The global pandemic ignited sales in the red-...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Dec, 2020,  


Black Friday Prices Wowed Fashionistas

Retailers really wanted to dress us up this holiday season. This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday fashion pricing trends reflect how r...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Dec, 2020,  


Black Friday 2019 Pricing for Online Furniture

For today’s shoppers, instant gratification is the need of the hour. It’s, therefore, no surprise that furniture e-retail has be...

DataWeave Marketing | 8th Jan, 2020,  


Health & Beauty on Black Friday: Analyzing Pricing Strategies of Top U.S. Retailers

We’ve come a long way from face paint and medicinal herbs to multi-billion dollar industries revolving around health and beauty. Customers...

DataWeave Marketing | 19th Dec, 2019,  


Fashion on Black Friday: Decoding Pricing Strategies of Top U.S. Retailers

Over the last few Thanksgiving Weekend sales, fashion, what was a category once typically reserved for offline purchases, has evolved into ...

Nadir Islam | 11th Dec, 2019,  


Black Friday Sale: Breaking Down Pricing Strategies in Consumer Electronics

Online holiday shopping (Nov-Dec) in the US for 2019 is projected to be $143.7B, a 14.1% increase from 2018. This sets a rather exciting sta...

DataWeave Marketing | 5th Dec, 2019,  


Amazon on course for an aggressive Black Friday

The holidays are around the corner and that much awaited holiday cheer, has now become directly proportional to the arrival of an Amazon pac...

DataWeave Marketing | 27th Nov, 2019,  


Thanksgiving Weekend Sale: How Top US Consumer Brands Fared

Online retailers in the US have enjoyed an impressive turnover during 2018’s Thanksgiving weekend sale. Over the last few weeks, DataW...

DataWeave Marketing | 10th Jan, 2019,  


Consumer Electronics Prices During the Holidays

Consumer electronics has always been one of the most popular product categories for consumers during the Thanksgiving weekend sale each year...

DataWeave Marketing | 21st Dec, 2018,  


A Study of Fashion Retail Pricing Across Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018

The biggest holiday sale event of the western retail calendar — the Thanksgiving weekend sale, which includes Thanksgiving Day, Black ...

DataWeave Marketing | 20th Dec, 2018,  


Consumer Packaged Goods Join The Black Friday Blitz

While the Thanksgiving weekend sale, which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is famous for attractive offers across all consumer categ...

DataWeave Marketing | 12th Dec, 2017,  


Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Parade Discounts in Fashion

Fashion has always been one of the great engines of retail, and two of its iconic sale events are Thanksgiving and Black Friday. While Black...

DataWeave Marketing | 2nd Dec, 2017,  


[INFOGRAPHIC] Thanksgiving vs Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: The Electronics Price War Heats Up

Alibaba may have raked in some $25 billion on Singles’ Day in the largest one-day sales turnover ever. In the Western world, however, Blac...

DataWeave Marketing | 29th Nov, 2017,  


Black Friday Sales Season: How US Retailers Are Gearing Up

In today’s rapidly evolving online and mobile worlds, few things encapsulate the competitive nature of the online retail battlefield like ...

DataWeave Marketing | 14th Nov, 2017,  

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