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Our proprietary data aggregation and analysis platform affords us the ability to capture unique insights on the pricing and product strategies of retailers and consumers brands during sale events. View our latest reports on sale events from around the world.


Thanksgiving Weekend Sale: How Top US Consumer Brands Fared

Online retailers in the US have enjoyed an impressive turnover during 2018’s Thanksgiving weekend sale. Over the last few weeks, DataW...

DataWeave Marketing | 10th Jan, 2019,  


A Study of Fashion Retail Pricing Across Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018

The biggest holiday sale event of the western retail calendar — the Thanksgiving weekend sale, which includes Thanksgiving Day, Black ...

DataWeave Marketing | 20th Dec, 2018,  


Alibaba’s Singles’ Day: Decoding’s Pricing During Retail’s Biggest Sale Event

An average of $11.7 million per second was the rate at which Alibaba clocked $1 billion in sales during the first 85 seconds of Singles’ D...

DataWeave Marketing | 12th Dec, 2018,  


Inside India’s eCommerce Battle: Attractive Offers Usher In The Festive Season

It’s festival season in India again and shoppers took advantage of aggressive cutthroat competition between Indian online retailers to dri...

DataWeave Marketing | 13th Nov, 2018,  


Prime Day Sale: Unraveling the Highs and Lows of Amazon’s Flagship Event

Another year, another round of media frenzy, and another set of records broken. In only three years, Amazon’s Prime Day has evolved into o...

DataWeave Marketing | 30th Jul, 2018,  


Clearance Sale Analysis: Retailing Woes Stagger H&M and Toys “R” Us

Confidence amongst retailing analysts was rocked last month by two successive announcements. H&M’s most recent quarterly report, which...

DataWeave Marketing | 30th Apr, 2018,  


Boxing Day Sale: How UK’s Top Retailers and Brands Fared

Following a successful Black Friday in November, the United Kingdom geared up for the 2017 Christmas season in December. Analysts estimate t...

DataWeave Marketing | 19th Jan, 2018,  


Myntra Leads End of Year Promotions in Fashion

Following three back-to-back mega-sale events leading up to Diwali, India’s eCommerce companies once again opened the discount floodgates ...

DataWeave Marketing | 5th Jan, 2018,  


Tracing Lazada’s Pricing Across the Month-Long Online Revolution Sale

Commencing on the 11th of November and ending just a few days ago on the 12th of December, Southeast Asia’s biggest sale event, the Lazada...

DataWeave Marketing | 26th Dec, 2017,  


Consumer Packaged Goods Join The Black Friday Blitz

While the Thanksgiving weekend sale, which includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is famous for attractive offers across all consumer categ...

DataWeave Marketing | 12th Dec, 2017,  


Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Parade Discounts in Fashion

Fashion has always been one of the great engines of retail, and two of its iconic sale events are Thanksgiving and Black Friday. While Black...

DataWeave Marketing | 2nd Dec, 2017,  


[INFOGRAPHIC] Thanksgiving vs Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: The Electronics Price War Heats Up

Alibaba may have raked in some $25 billion on Singles’ Day in the largest one-day sales turnover ever. In the Western world, however, Blac...

DataWeave Marketing | 29th Nov, 2017,  


Alibaba’s Singles Day Sale: Decoding the World’s Biggest Shopping Festival

$17.5 million every 60 seconds. That’s the volume of sales Alibaba generated on 11.11, or Singles Day. This mammoth event, decisively the ...

DataWeave Marketing | 24th Nov, 2017,  


Under the Microscope: Lazada’s 11.11 Online Revolution Sale

Lazada’s signature event, Online Revolution, is a month-long sale extravaganza that commenced with a Mega Sale on 11 November, and culmina...

DataWeave Marketing | 23rd Nov, 2017,  


Black Friday Sales Season: How US Retailers Are Gearing Up

In today’s rapidly evolving online and mobile worlds, few things encapsulate the competitive nature of the online retail battlefield like ...

DataWeave Marketing | 14th Nov, 2017,  


Diwali Season Sales: Here’s How India’s eCommerce Giants Fared

As the battle of the Indian eCommerce heavyweights continues to accelerate, we have witnessed three separate sale events compressed into the...

DataWeave Marketing | 25th Oct, 2017,  


Festive Season Sale: Who’s Winning the Great Indian eCommerce Battle?

In the lead up to October’s Diwali celebrations, almost all major Indian e-retailers had announced mammoth sale events for last week. Resu...

DataWeave Marketing | 27th Sep, 2017,  


Was Amazon’s Prime Day Sale Really That Big a Deal?

Hint: Only in some product categories Amazon’s Prime Day sale, the first-of-its-kind in India, made a conspicuous splash across the media ...

DataWeave Marketing | 1st Aug, 2017,  

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