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Competitive Pricing and Availability Trends of South Africa’s Leading Retailers and Brands in 2023

South Africa’s eCommerce market is primed for robust growth in 2023 and beyond, despite the short-term impact of COVID19 over the last few years. According to Statista, the count ...

Prashant Dixit | 14th Apr, 2023

Decoding the 2022 Black Friday Record Sales: The Who, The What, and The How?

Expert Insights powered by DataWeave’s Digital Shelf Analytics on Black Friday 2022. ...

DataWeave Marketing | 14th Dec, 2022

It’s not easy being a Bakery Brand: Insights from Digital Shelf

The “Bakery & Snack” category is a fast-growing food segment. Here’s how companies can leverage DataWeave’s e-commerce analytics to boost sales in this categor ...

Moumita Mondal | 3rd Dec, 2022

Insights from the Digital Shelf of Indian FMCG Brands

To stay competitive, it is crucial for manufacturers and retailers to engage with analytics and data experts to seamlessly integrate e-commerce analytics into their short- and long ...

Mitrasaptami Das | 29th Nov, 2022

The Rapid Rise of Alcohol eCommerce in the UK

Do customers prefer buying alcohol online or via Q-Commerce apps? Did Tesco give a higher discount on Booze in 2022 or Weezy? And what were Price Index trends for the alcohol categ ...

Varun Sharma | 5th Sep, 2022

5 Ways to Manage and Improve Stock Availability

Stock availability is the degree to which a brand or retailer has inventory of all their listed items to meet customer demand. ...

Riya Anand | 24th Aug, 2022

5 Ways DataWeave Helps Brands Drive Growth With Amazon Ads

Consumers are discovering and trialing new eCommerce marketplaces, brands and products at a faster rate than ever before, given the vast amount of choices encountered browsing for ...

Praveen Sheethalnath | 23rd Aug, 2022

Prime Day India 2022 – highlights from the 2 day annual shopping festival!

Amazon Prime Day India 2022 – Here are the much-awaited sales deals, stats and analysis of the 2-day annual shopping festival. Read now for more details. ...

Priyanka Meka | 15th Aug, 2022

Sale Event Reports  View All

Our proprietary data aggregation and analysis platform affords us the ability to capture unique insights on the pricing and product strategies of retailers and consumers brands during sale events. View our latest reports on sale events from around the world.

Black Friday Prices Tempt Health & Beauty Shoppers

Black Friday looked downright sultry with desirable discounts on health and beauty products. This year, health and beauty sales faced the threat of declining demand, as the pandemi ...

DataWeave Marketing | 18th Dec, 2020

Who Won Black Friday’s Electronics Price War?

Electronics have never been hotter. This year’s COVID-19 pandemic created a seismic shift towards tech, directly affecting retailers’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday pricing stra ...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Dec, 2020

Black Friday Furniture Prices Inspire Home Makeovers

As most of us stay home for the holidays this year, retailers hope we’ll invest in our nest. The global pandemic ignited sales in the red-hot home furniture category, as our dome ...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Dec, 2020

Black Friday Prices Wowed Fashionistas

Retailers really wanted to dress us up this holiday season. This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday fashion pricing trends reflect how retailers have responded to the pandemic ...

DataWeave Marketing | 11th Dec, 2020

Amazon’s losing its pricing advantage this holiday season

Amazon’s pricing advantage has declined in key categories, compared to last year as we enter 2020’s holiday season. The holidays are here and the retail industry is gearing up ...

DataWeave Marketing | 19th Nov, 2020

Amazon Great Indian Festival Vs Big Billion Day- Who offered better discounts?

Amazon’s Great Indian sale Vs Flipkarts Big Billion Day sale ...

DataWeave Marketing | 4th Nov, 2020

Black Friday 2019 Pricing for Online Furniture

For today’s shoppers, instant gratification is the need of the hour. It’s, therefore, no surprise that furniture e-retail has been picking up steam over the last decade ...

DataWeave Marketing | 8th Jan, 2020

Health & Beauty on Black Friday: Analyzing Pricing Strategies of Top U.S. Retailers

We’ve come a long way from face paint and medicinal herbs to multi-billion dollar industries revolving around health and beauty. Customers are getting increasingly bombarded with ...

DataWeave Marketing | 19th Dec, 2019

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